Valle de Guadalupe - Ensenada

Valle de Guadalupe is the center of attraction for Ruta del Vino, Google Map.

Valle de Guadalupe got placed on the map for its production of the majority of Mexico's Wines. Museo Histarico del Valle de Guadalupe tells of the time when the Kumiai Indians lived in the valley, the beginning of Russian Migration, and the creation of the Russian Winery. Today top chefs are opening eateries in the area, and stylish boutique hotels can be found in the valley.

Today the Valley becomes the center of many wine festivals, both with the flowering and harvesting of the grapes. Visitors are warmly welcomed year round with many boutique style hotels ideal for romantic getaways. Rainbow colored grapes are produced when the grapes begin to ripen changing from green to ultimately purple.

Roses are a common site at the wineries they're pretty, but their real function, a winery will explain, is to guard the vines. If a disease should come into the valley, it would show up first in the roses.

The majority of the events are organized and promoted by Provino for the valley.

Winter Festivals are independently promoted.

 Hacienda Guadalupe
 - Trevista Vineyards


Festivals for new wines take place in Spring.

 - Rancho San Gabriel


Fiesta of the Flowering Vineyards Takes place in May. The official fiesta is held at a different vineyard each year. 

 - Rancho San Gabriel
 - Viñedo Las Nubes


Summer Festivals are independently promoted.

 - Adobe Guadalupe
 - Rancho San Gabriel
 - Rancho San Gabriel
 - L.A. Cetto vineyards


Grape Harvest Festivals Begin in August, on the 3rd. And Expand outward into Ensenada and North into Tijuana.

 - Viñedo Las Nubes
 - Adobe Guadalupe
 - Monte Xanic
 - Estero Beach
 - Cuatrocuatros
 - Viña de Liceaga
 - CECUT, Tijuana
 - Vinícola la Trinidad
 - Hacienda Guadalupe
 - CEARTE, (State Arts Center Ensenada)
 - Hacienda la Lomita
 - Vinícola Vinisterra
 - Cavas del Mogor
 - Hacienda la Lomitar
 - Restaurante Sarmiento with Viñas Pijoan
 - Vitivinícola Tres Valles
 - Bodegas de Santo Tomás, Ensenada
 - Restaurant Laja, Valle de Guadalupe
 - Viña de Liceaga
 - Cruiseport Village, Ensenada
 - Parque del Porvenir
 - Vinícola Torres Alegre y Familia
 - Vinícola Viñas de Garza
 - Finca Altozano, Tintos del Norte 32
 - Bodegas de Santo Tomás, Ensenada
 - Hacienda la Lomita
 - Cavas Valmar
 - Hotel La Villa del Valle
 - Viñedos Aldo Cesar Palafox
 - Hotel La Villa del Valle
 - Chateau Camou
 - Viña de Liceaga



The picturesque valley opens on the coast at the internationally know surfing destination of Villa de San Miguel with views of Ensenada (driving not walking distance); is surrounded by hills that extend inland towards the mountain range, with waterfalls and hot springs. Past the relatively low mountain passage and north on the highway is Tecate. South on the mountain range is Parque Nacional Sierra De San Pedro Martir, which rivals parts of California's fabled Sierra Nevada, to the north, for sheer beauty.

Within the valley is the Russian town with shopping, a zoo, water park, the Guadalupe Valley Historical Museum, and many wineries with vineyards. The wineries welcome visitors with wine tastings, food and small hotels and inns with full services, private balconies sundecks, pools and jacuzzis, which make for a perfect romantic get away for couples (who want to get away from the distractions of the world) and photogenic setting for marriages. Many Inns only have six rooms although some are large enough for events and festivals. These inns are separated by the vineyards themselves, (neighbors are driving distance), and are situated with views across or down on the valley, giving visitors privacy and services to enjoy life or just be silly.

Horseback riding and hiking is of course included as activities in the vineyards. Camping and hiking extends up into the mountains where running streams create waterfalls with natural pools and or hot springs from the natural geography of Ensenada.

Trips from the valley to the coastline adds all of the water sport activities that the coast has to offer, which because of the international port status of Ensenada is considerable. The coastal city of Ensenada also adds its own inland scenic points of interest.