Driving to Rosarito from Tijuana

The first exit after crossing the border from San Ysidro to Tijuana on the right is the highway that leads to the toll road going to Rosarito and Ensenada. The exit comes immediately after the 22 lane revision station where the traffic merges to 4 lanes, (less than 50 feet). It is easiest to be in the right lanes when entering the revision station to avoid needing to cross traffic after exiting the station.

The highway leading to the toll road parallels the border fence before joining Mexico 1-D (About 5 miles), a four lane divided toll highway offers the fastest route to Ensenada.  Tolls may be paid in either US or Mexican currency. The Playas de Tijuana exit for the Bullring-by-the-sea, gasoline, shopping center and services is a half mile before the first toll gate.

Mexico 1 Libre (free) road  is not for high speed driving; If driving on Mexico 1, be prepared to come to stops, and watch for narrow sections of road.

Mexico 1-D to Rosarito

The first exit for Rosarito is at 12.2 miles. second exit is at 12.9, third exit (southbound only) is into central Rosarito Beach 13.7, Fourth (southbound only) under the arch for Rosarito Beach Hotel 15.1 miles.