San Felipe - Malecon

The 4 block oceanside road with the beach and Sea of Cortez to the East and dotted with variety of informal restaurants, and shops, is a general open gathering point and a center of activities for the community. If you want to charter a fishing boat the malecon is where you will find a captain to take you on either a tour of the islands or fishing. Theres people from early morning to late at night, street performers, street vendors, and locals checking out the tourist, tourist checking out the locals. 



It should be of no surprise that many of the activities that take place in San Felipe happen on or include the Malecon. Including events which are promoted across Baja.

2015 Carnival – Mardi Gras

The carnival fills the Malecon with festivities as parades, stands, live music, dancing, great food and fun! 

The Festival starts on Feb. 13th and continues through 24th. 2015 all the details have not yet been published.


The Shrimp Festival 2013

The Shrimp Festival is the most important gastronomic event of San Felipe, which has impact mainly on Cities of Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada, Los Angeles, San Diego, Southern California and Yuma Arizona, an event that was developed in the Port City San Felipe Baja California, on day 1, 2 and November 3 in the Malecon of this City.

Nov 1-3, 2013, Music will include:  Juan Jose Navarro, Musical 4 Soul Group, Agave Blues Group, Norteño band Los Regional vs The Empress, San Felipe Command Musical Group, Zona Tango Group, bragados Group ... Dancing and food contests will be throughout the festival. 

3rd Annual Ceviche Festival

Saturday, August 31- Sept 1st at the malecón from 12 noon-10 p.m.!

Clam Festival

Sunday June 17th. 12PM - 6PM at the Malecon

Artisan Beer and Baja Wines as well as some deliciously cooked Clams using local style recipes. 

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