Sentri lanes from Tijuana to San Ysidro

Current Border Wait Time ...

Regular Vehicle Lanes delay: ...
Ready Lanes delay:  ...
Sentri Lanes delay:  ...

US Customs in Otay for border wait: 619-671-8999
US Customs in San Ysidro for border wait: 619-690-8999 add 001 when calling from Mexico.

With more people signed up for Sentri passes and border construction going on this page provides up to date information on the Sentri crossing lanes from Tijuana into San Ysidro. Specifically how to get to the Sentri lanes via the river river district.

Effective March 2014 the Sentri Traffic was moved to "Blvd. Padre Kino," Shown below in green. The now old route of the fast pass lane to reduce traffic on Paseo Centenario, which will now be reused for the Ready lane, shown below in orange.

The sentri lane crossing, from Tijuana to San Yisidro, runs next to the regular lanes of traffic, returning from Mexico to the USA, but the entrance to get into the senrti lanes via the river district is 1/2 mile east of the highway loop, which takes one to the regular lanes.


Google Earth Screen Shot, used with permission.


From the Toll Road, when the road turns east it becomes Calle Segunda one can use the free highway to avoid city traffic or go straight, (about 3 1/2 miles), the easiest choice is straight. Be in the right hand lane at the end where there is a four way fork. Take the far right fork which is PASEO de los HEROES and heads towards the Sentri Crossing.

From the free highway that runs along the border, (named here Via International) Negrete would be the 3rd to last exit, Follow the road, (it splits into two one way streets). Make a left turn onto Calle Segundo and get to the right lane.The fork is in 2 1/2 blocks.

The last exit off Via International is Av Melchor Ocampo it runs into Calle Segundo; The four way fork is immediate! (about 10 car lengths). Get into the far right lane of Calle Segundo from Av Melchor Ocampo immediately! If you can not because of traffic go straight, (Negrete is one block toward the west, sunset, turn right on any street where it is legal to do so to take Negrete to Calle Segundo.

From downtown Tijuana, take Calle Segundo towards the highway loop, keep to the right. and take the far right fork at the end of calle Segundo to go to the right onto a tree lined road know as PASEO de los HEROES. Calle Segundo ends with forks in four directions, so get to the right before reaching the forks.

First one sees parking then the CECUT landmark. After passing CECUT landmark there is a round about with a pair of scissors pointing upward in its center.

The scissors round about is a four lane round about with traffic lights, which is the starting point of the map shown above.

At the scissors round about, (shown in the photo), go north to cross the river, this would be to your left if coming from the traffic loop, (of course one turns right to get onto the round about and goes almost all the way around, three traffic lights, which are well timed). The far right lane must exist, so merge into the middle lane, the middle lane might exit, the left lanes do not exit. Allow people to merge into the middle lane, from the right and left.

After crossing the river there is another round about In the center of this round about is a monument to Miguel Hidalgo. Leave Straight and go to the next round about Padre Kino . New Steet signs have been put up, (March 6th). Go around the round about to head West North West on Blvd. Padre Kino. The center two lanes are being used for the Sentri Lane, (Photo on But watch for signs!

Video shows route from downtown:

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