Visiting La Paz in 2014

La Paz is the capital and regional commercial center of Baja Sur with all services. The Bay of La Paz opens access to the islands of the Gulf, which are considered the crown jewels of the Sea of Cortez. The Bay La Paz is favored by water enthusiasts, for diving, snorkeling, and kayaking, boating, fishing and eco-tourism.

La Paz has well over 100 restaurants, over 30 hotels that are highly recommended by travels and well over 70 attractions and points of interest for travelers.



Dove of Peace Monument

The photo genetic monument, which can be seen as you first enter the city of La Paz, stands as a greeted to the city of La Paz. It is a perfect symbol for a peaceful, welcoming place to live.

The Malecon

The Beachside shopping street, provides spectacular views of the palm tree lined beach and out the Sea of Cortez, with shops and restaurants that attract visitors, to walk, eat, shop, and people watch.

Balandra Beach

Is listed near the top of attractions for visitors to La Paz. The pristine sandy cove with warm clear shallow water that barely reaches your knees is often called stunning. It is a treasured beach on the Baja Peninsula, to both locals and visitors. 

2014 Tecate Score Baja 1000

 Ensenada - La Paz

The legendary Baja 1000 takes place from Nov 12th through Nov 16th 2014. The 46th running of the race is from Ensenada to La Paz; through Santa Catarina, Llano Colorado, San Quintin, Cocos Corner, San Ignacio, Canipole, Puerto Lopez, and into La Paz, for a course distance of 1,130 miles.

Loreto is near the 950 mile mark of the race, vehicles will be passing nearby about a day after they have started the race in Ensenada. That places Motorcycles in Loreto in the morning and larger vehicles near noon.

The race is one of the world best know off road races; creating one of the events of the year for both people on the course and in the off road racing community. The Score International 2014 series has coverage by CBS Sports Network in the US.

Carnaval La Paz

The Carnaval held in Feburary, dates back to the 1880s, and is a 6 day events with all carnaval activities. 

2014 NORRA Mexican 1000

La Paz will be hosting part of the legendary Mexican 1000 off road race from Ensenada to Cabo. Motorcycles and off road vehicles will be stopping in La Paz briefly as they prepare for the final leg of the international off road competition which is called the "happiest race on earth." Visitors will be able to see many of the world's legends of off road racing.

 Loreto to La Paz
 La Paz to Cabo



La Paz is in an ideal place for fishing year round.

Yellowtail activity speeds up in the early spring as they begin their migration and breeding season swimming north against the pacific currents and looking for bait fish in inshore waters.

The La Paz Catch of the Day.

Isla Espiritu Santo

One of the famed Islands of the Sea of Cortez is just north of La Paz. Camping is allowed on the Island but it is strickly environmentaly friendly, Everything taken onto the island must be taken back off the island when one leaves.

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The Golf Club at El Mogote

May not make it into the top ten attractions for most visitors, who clearly do not play golf. It is a hidden gem for golfers and one of Baja California's best golf courses.