Gray Whale Migration (2014 winter / 2015 Spring)


Nov 18, 2014 Sea Center in Santa Barbara has their first gray whale sighting of the season KEYT News


Nov. 11th 2014. 

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department wants citizen volunteers to help spot Gray whales as they pass Oregon’s coast on their southward journey to Mexico.

The department is seeking people who are willing to work three-hour shifts at one of 24 whale-watching sites during its public whale-watching weeks, Dec. 27-31 and March 21-28.


Fattened Gray Whales In Low-Ice Arctic Set To Journey South; In the coming weeks, more than 20,000 gray whaleswill begin their annual two-month, 5,000-mile journey south — from the Arctic Circle, past San Diego, to warm lagoons off Baja California.

The pod has been feeding over the past four months in the Chukchi Sea and northern Bering Sea.

KPBS Radio Monday, October 13, 2014 

LA Times: Baja: Big, splashy adventure, Nov 12, 2014