Baja Hot Springs

Baja Hot Springs

For centuries, the benefits related to soaking in hot mineral water this luxurious experience can be enjoyed in many controlled and civilized setting in northern Baja. Here is a few of the hot springs.

Puertecitos Hot Springs.

Located 52 miles south of San Felipe, Puertecitos is know for its sea side hot springs, which begin to be exposed as low tide sets in. The ocean water keeps the hot springs cool enough to enoy jacuzzi like conditions with an open view on the sea of cortez.

Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs.

South between Tecate and Mexicali on the dry side of the mountain range is an oasis of palm trees, which are watered by the Guadalupe hot springs. The hot water spring has numerous camping sites around it for overnight camping each with natural jacuzzis filled with hot spring water. Further down stream there are a fell places where the stream that feeds the canyon form pools of cooler water.

San Carlos Hot Springs.

11 Miles inland from Ensenada are the San Carlos Hot Springs; The road to the Hot Springs is part of the adventure, it about a 45 minute drive; But the road is not suitable for 2 wheel drive vehicles in the raining season. Several places the stream crosses the road. Overnigh camping is available at numerous locations.

Agua Caliente Beach, Ensenada.

La Bufadora is a well know attraction for visitors to Ensenada. Half way between Ensenda and Bufadora is a beach where hot spring water filters upwards through the sand. Between tides on can dig down to the water level and find warm to hot jacuzzi water.

Rancho Agua Caliente,

An hour’s drive south of Ensenada, Rancho Agua Caliente is a private, eco-friendly hot springs oasis. The spring water is extremely pure, in a laboratory analysis it was determined to be comparable in quality and taste to some of the leading natural bottled waters around the world, including Evian and Perrier. Bubbling out of the ground at a relaxing 108 degrees fills two pools. One can also enjoy a private mineral spa in the privacy of their own room at the eco-resort.