Baja Harvest Festivals

Havest Festivals take place all over the world, with Thanksgiving being the harvest festival for USA. Baja cuisine being effected by the local abundance of seafood has earned its own category of cuisine. Baja is also the producer of 90% of Mexico's wines and is able to get quality ingredients as it brings tourism into Mexico. 

"La Guerrerense, a humble street cart, is as simple as it gets. Dona Sabina Bandera Gonzalez serves up the most mind-blowingly fresh, sophisticated, and colorful tostadas imaginable. Absolutely phenomenal. Worth a drive a drive from L. A.

Baja cuisine was featured in the July issue of Food & Wine Magazine; It has its own cooking TV show -- "One Plate at a Time;" And, Baja celebrates its food with many events and festivals.

One may wonder what all the attention is about until they realize that Baja has an abundance of fresh seafood and a tourism industy that allows it to get quality Mexican seasoning. Truely there is something to celebrate, the chefs know the food and it is something to experience.

The grape harvest in August begins many wine festivals out of Valle de Guadalupe (Mexico's Wine Country) and outward joining with other food festivals for seafood and Puerto Nuevo style lobster.  In August there are several wine festivals a day with venues to choose from such as sports, seafood, arts.  Provino is the organizer for these Fiesta de la Vendimia, (wine festivals).

In Rosarito or from the nearby fishing village of Puerto Nuevo comes lobster festivals. Puerto Nuevo style lobster is a Baja California creation. Lobster season begins in October and continues through the winter.

Rosarito has a yearly Seafood Festival in August, although centered at Rosarito Beach Hotel it spreads out in all directions.

Ensenada's Seafood Festival, Baja Seafood Expo, takes place in September. Ensenada is an internationally know cruise port and a seafood port that the largest  fish market in Baja.