Baja California 2014 Big-Game Fishing

Great Loreto Yellowtail Tournament



In the Cabos 2013 is a year to remember

In August 2013 the fleet is seeing 100% catch rate, (via, and the fishing is getting better! Yellowtail has been out of San Felipe since July, and dorado came north into Loreto in July. Yellowtail and barracuda are from the Cabos into Sourthern California waters since summer and likely will not head south until the weather and water temperatures begin to cool. Bluefin tuna have been reported consistantly within a few hundred miles in both directions of Ensenada, with San Diego boats going into Mexican waters and bringing back bluefin..

Seasonal Game Fish

Yellowtail heading north to spawn are normally the first of the migrational fish to swim from Mexico waters into Southern California waters, (reaching from the Cabos to the Channel Islands in June of 2013). Cedros Island off Baja is one of the spaning locations for yellowtail. The season starts in Baja California in late Winter / early Spring. They are attracted to sea paddies and kelp beds, (off beds they can by reached by kayaks and caught by yoyo-ing a jig down to the bottom and realing it back up, (how to yoyo for yellowtail). Trolling speeds for yellowtail are typically 3-8 MPH, flyingfish, on their diet, can reach speeds of 43 mph. 

The migration of game fish are not based on specific destinations at specific times of the year but is based on the tempurature of the water, which would be best for spawning or feeding. Certain water currents bring squid, others are ideal for bait fish spawning, which bring bait fish togeather at sea paddies, kelp beds, land points (cabos),  reefs, etc.

Bait fish, (flyingfish, mackerel), head inland to spawn in both Baja California and Southern California. California flyingfish spawn in sea paddies in the months of June, July, August, and September. Spotting a sea paddy with sea birds circling normally indicate that game fish are below the paddy chasing the bait fish upward into the view of the sea birds. Flyingfish can reach speeds of 43 mph; 

The Dorado (Mahi Mahi) migration is not driven by spawning, follow the same warm water currents as the yellowtail, but their Spring arrival in Baja is not as pronounced. They are one of the world's fastest growing fish reaching 30 lbs in 4 to 5 years. Typically found around sea paddies and surface waters, but they also will feed on mackerel in deeper waters, (see Loreto June fishing report).

California Barracuda head to inshore waters to spawn in the waters off California and Baja, starting in April. Their main diet is anchovies and other small fishes such as sardines, young mackerel, and grunion.. They can be caught trolling from 3 to 5 MPH. 

Marlin often called swordfish appear in waters that are typically warmer than what is off Southern California and have appeared in the Cabos in May of 2013. The Cabos and East Cape of Baja California can provide non-stop marlin action. June 2013 Marlin and Sailfish are attracting the attention in the Cabos and East Cape.

Tempbreak Baja California South.