Bahia San Luis Gonzaga

Bahia San Luis Gonzaga situated 50Km past the end of the paved Mex 5,  (where it becomes a divided graved dirt road, near Papa Fernadez's place, who has hotel accomodations).  now situationed at the end of the paved road, has Alfonsina's resort, two campgrounds, a couple of airstrips, a new Pemex station, and three restaurants. papa fernandez overlooks the bay on the north with camping and resturant.. There are numerous places along the bay to pull up for dry camping.

Once know and loved for its beauty only by those who drive past the end of the paved road or who fly into the bay. These nomads spoke of it as a real Baja treasure  The bay is now situationed at the end of the paved road from Mexicali.

The calm and warm bay waters are perfect for snorkeling. The bay is a often used as a playground for dolphins, Whale Sharks are common in the Bay. More experiance divers may wish to explore the area around the tip of Punta Final about 8 miles to the south end of the bay or the islands 11 miles north and 5 miles off the coastline. The fish in and around the bay include yellowtail, sea bass, trigger fish, mullet, corvina, sierra, pompano, grouper and occasional barracuda. Whales may be seen during the winter months.

Tourists are attracted to the bay for fishing, water activities, and for its pure beauty. There are a few places around the bay where people have placed vacation homes or vacation mobil homes that they can use yearly. Several photogenic islands are 11 miles north and 5 miles off shore and are an attraction for fishing, diving and eco-tourism.


Mex 5 is now paved two miles past Alfonsina's and the Pemex station. End of Pavement is at Km 153, and bridge construction is underway at Arroyo Santa María a normally dry creek.

The highway will be completed south of Bahia San Luis Gonazga, at some time in the future.

High clearance vehicles recommended south of the bay. The road  south meets Mex 1, but has traditionally been a road many people would rather not use. 18 wheelers do sometimes use the entire length of the road from Mex 1 alone the east coast of Baja to Mexicali, as well as Baja nomads and off roaders. Rain often makes the dirt portions unusable, although is rare on the east Baja coast. 


46th Tecate Score Baja 1000

 Bahia San Luis Gonzaga