Bahia de Los Angeles

Bahia de Los Angeles, on the Sea of Cortez attracts visitors from around the world. It is the center of John Steinbeck book "The Log from the Sea of Cortez," which is about marine his specimen-collecting boat expedition in the 1940s. The local economy includes commercial fishing, guided sports fishing and other forms of tourism. 

More often than not Bahia de Los Angeles is a destination for those who desire to explore Baja. The bay is a 41 mile side trip off of the Mex 1 trans peninsula highway, (The exit from Bahia de Los Angeles is 175 miles south of San Quintin). It also has an airport.

Several hotels: Costa del Sol Hotel, Los Vientos Spa & Resort, Baja AirVentures Las Animas Wilderness Lodge, Villa Vitta Resort, Mauro's Posada, Hotel Las Hamacas, Motel Princess, as well as Pemex, restaurants, and shops. In 2007 Power lines have provided 24 hour electricity. Phone and internet are available, but no cell phone service or ATMs.

NORRA Mexican 1000, 2014

The Bay will be the first leg for off road racers, (Cars), during their 1000 mile off road race from Ensenada to Cabo. They will be arriving on May 11th and deporting May 12th. The Norra Mexican 1000 called the "Happiest Race on Earth.”

 Ensenada to Bahia de Los Angeles
 Bahia de Los Angeles to Loreto


Hotel rooms are going to be full during the NORRA Mexican 1000. There are also RV parks and camping is possible on the beach, (beach camping would be primitive eco camping, where you take any/all waste with you when you leave).

Campdaggets is both a site for camping, fishing and eco-tourism. RV Spaces, Beach Location, Showers & Bathrooms, Dump Station.

Archelon Camping  has Pull-Thru Sites for RV but no electic or water hookups, Tent camping is allowed.

Sports Fishing

The sports fishing fleet is mostly represented by a dozen pangueros and fishing guides, SPORT FISHING, Alfredo Diaz, Phone: (200) 124-9164; PESCA DEPORTIVA, Rafael Cuevas, Phone: (200) 124-9102, RENTA DE PAGANAS Y EQUIPO DE PESCA, Joel Prieto Villavicencio, Phone: (200) 124-9160, PESCA DEPORTIVA Y RECREATIVA, Mr. Ricardo Igor Galvan Jimenez, Phone: (200) 124-9271, PESCA DEPORTIVA GUILLERMO'S, Guillermo Galvan, Phone: (200) 124-9104.

Long range liveaboards also visit the bay for diving and marine activities, generally out of loreto.

Eco Tourism

During the months of eco-tourism the fishing fleets in baja often become eco guides. July-August, are the best times for Whale sharks. Whale sharks are found in the bay feeding on plankton and are an attraction for snorkelers. December - March brings sightings of grey and humpback whales as well as mobula rays.

The area around Bahia de los Angeles provides nesting grounds for many species of sea turtles