Visiting Tijuana in 2015

Current Tijuana Border Wait Time

Regular Vehicle Lanes delay: ...
Ready Lanes delay:  ...
Sentri Lanes delay:  ...

US Customs in Otay for border wait: 619-671-8999
US Customs in San Ysidro for border wait: 619-690-8999 add 001 when calling from Mexico.

Many people only think of Tijuana as a tourist shopping location, which it does have; Or people think of it as a tourist location for night life, also true; But, the city itself is the largest city in Baja and is in a Maquiladoras free trade zone. The Tijuana also provides a unique service of medical tourism, people visiting spas, (which exist in many of the hotels), allows people to get a fast pass when returning to the US. 

People have noticed a cultural renaissance happening in Tijuana around Zona Rio. The growth of Tijuana and changing economic conditions is evolving Tijuana into much more than a border crossing town. Modern facilities for international expositions are now part of Zona Rio as well as many other points of interest. Making Zona Rio a point of interest for travelers.

Today visitors can find points of interest with family activites, although many may be unaware of them! The Tijuana water park, Albercas El Vergel, for example has water activities for both children and adults. Tijuana has a mini theme park, Mundo Divertido. Tijuana's cultural center (CECUT) has over a million visitors a year; hosting events such as mariachi week, art exhibits, natural exhibits, children's workshops, etc.

Tijuana is the largest city in Baja California hosting numerous activities that one would expect to exist in a large international metropolitan city.


Vianco Anime Expo 2015

 El Foro - Tijuana


Leonel García in concert

 Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana



 Plaza Monumental de Tijuana


Luis Miguel in Tijuana

 Plaza Monumental de Tijuana


Rosarito Beach is in the metropolitan area of Tijuana but not part of downtown environment. It is a city in its own right. Discovered in part by visitors from Hollywood who want a bit of distance from the downtown scene, beautiful beaches, and quality services. Today it is famous as one of the most visited beaches on the west coast.

Driving from Tijuana to Rosarito Via 1-D Toll Highway.