Visiting Puertecitos

Puertecitos is a small town and a small tourist destination, which is not so large as to have a malcom, planned center of town, or a shopping zone. The town was established in 1949 by Rafael Orozco who started the towns tradition of hosting weary travels with campground accommodations. The town is visited by many ex-patriots with a fair number of north Americans vacationers, and has over 100 homes and mobile homes. The economy of the town is service based, unlike to the north and south which are both service and fishing based.

Perhaps the reason for the boat placed ontop of a home is town is because it expresses the easy going service based economy, where would you like to place a boat? If somebody wants to place a boat on a house if it makes them happy it is OK. Maybe it is art? Whatever the reason it does not bother anybody, and it does express a character of the place even if it was not intended to.

They have been at the end of the road heading south from San Felipe for many years, with the attraction of one of a kind hot springs from geothermal rocks that enter into the ocean providing ocean front hot spas during low tide and becoming partially underwater during high tide.

There is a mechanic, machine shop and welder, market and gasoline in or about the main part of town. Restaurants, and overnight accommodations. The road now continues south paved most of the way to San Luis Gonzaga which is a attraction for fishermen and eco-tourists. Several photogenic islands mark the trip south which are iconic and until recently required driving over dirt roads with sharp rocks that were volcanic in nature to get to.


46th Tecate Score Baja 1000


This world famous off road race will be racing just inland of Puertecitos November 14-17 2013. They should begin passing around or after the 6th-8th hour of the race.