Mex 12 - to Bahia de Los Angeles

Daytime driving recommended


Punta Prieta to Bahia de Los Angeles
(41 miles, 66 km, 1:00 hour)

The paved road, Mex 12, is generally in excellent condition, but it is still possible that a some shallow potholes exist, the road is remote and animals may be wondering around on it from time to time ... drive during the day and at reduced speeds. The highway crosses a sandy plain covered with many species of desert flora including cardon, cirio, elephant trees, datilillo, creosote bush, ocotillo and cholla.

Mile 0.0
Parador Punta Prieta (San Quintin to Guerrero Negro Mile 175.1) at the junction with the highway southeast to Bahia de Los Angeles. The turnoff from Mex 1 to Mex 12 can easily be missed, an abandoned Pemex station exists at the corner. Pemex is available in Bahia de Los Angeles.

Mile 10.0
Highway veers to the right and descends to a dry lake bed.

Mile 25.6
Turnoff on dirt road to Agua de Higuera.

Mile 27.0
Turnoff at km. 43.5 on dirt road through cactus forests to Montevideo cave paintings (14 km) and mision San Borja (40 km), one of the two fully intact missions in the State of Baja California. The narrow sand road has some rough, rocky patches, best if traversed by high clearance vehicle, but usually ok for sturdy passenger cars (inquire in advance about road conditions).

Mile 36.0
A spectacular view of Sea of Cortes. One of the most beautiful bays in Mexico, Bahia de los Angeles is protected by over a dozen offshore islands including the 45-mile-long Isla Angel de la Guarda, the second largest island in the Sea of Cortes. The islands are an important part of the Wildlife Reserve Zone of the Islands of the Gulf of California. Finback, humpback, Bryde's, gray, blue and other species of whales frequent the Canal de Ballenas between the peninsula and Isla Angel de las Guarda.

Mile 39.6
Turnoff on dirt road to the paved airstrip, CRIP Sea Turtle Conservation & Research Center, Daggett's Campground, Larry Raquel's Motel and Punta La Gringa.

Mile 40.6
The town of Bahia de los Angeles. Gasoline & diesel, hotels, RV parks, resorts, restaurants, and shops. Electrical power came to Bahia de Los Angeles in 2007.