Tijuana's Famed Chefs

A Nortec collection of cultural ambassadors are luring foreigners back to Mexico.  Tijuana can be expected to be responsive to changing situations. Always looking forward and always having a new generation. This time it is chefs like Benito Molina (Manzanilla), Diego Hernandez (Corazon de Tierra), and Miguel Angel Guerrero (La Querencia) who are reforming Tijuana.

Top San Diego restaurants have added Baja Med dishes (grilled octopus, tiraditos, gourmet tostadas, etc.) out of demand for Baja cuisine.

It was Guerrero who trademarked the term “Baja Med.”  A fourth-generation Tijuana native who opened La Querencia in Rosarito in 2001. He’s since expanded with El Taller in Tijuana and Almazara Gastrobar in Valle de Guadalupe, and a new concept at the massive L.A. Cetto winery in the Valle. When he is not cooking he may be out getting the freshest food possible ... “I fish, I dive, and I hunt,” says Guerrero. “Whatever I catch I put on my menu."

"People ask why I bring all these gringo chefs down," Plascencia says, at his outdoor restaurant in Valle de Guadalupe. It’s a six-course collaborative feast with Mexican chefs, former French Laundry chef de cuisine Timothy Hollingsworth and San Diego’s Jon Sloan (Juniper & Ivy). "Because they spread the word."

One can not properly talk about the revolution in cuisine with talking about Plascencia who relocate his family to Chula Vista, where he opened Romesco Baja MedGrupo Plascencia operates resturants on both sides of the border. Plascencia brought Baja chefs north, and took American friends on taco tours of Tijuana.

Plascencia has had high profile articles in both the Los Angeles, New York Times newspapers, food and travel articles regarding Baja Med cuisine. It is not the attention that created the fame it is the food.

Baja is a goldmine of flavors from seafood from the Sea of Cortez and migrating fish on the pacific coast of Baja. Produce grows year round providing fresh spices. Add a talented chef with a passion for cooking ...


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