Tijuana's Water Park

(Tijuana's Water Park, about 4 minutes from downtown Tijuana) - Reviews - Driving Directions.

13 pools, 15 water slides, water games in all pools, tables and grills, two dance floors, Security and lockers, food and events. 

Children less than a meter tall, (about 3 feet) enter free. They have an "infanti areal" with wading pools they can walk in which include small slides for them to splash into the water; A stranded vessel to climb in and on and games; and streams.

Children between 1 and 1.2 meters are around $6.00. They have a huge wave pool, enjoyed by the whole family,  larger slides, games such as tarzan rope, (if they can swim), where they can swing over the water and let go and places to fall or jump into larger pools.

For Adults, who enter for around $7.00 for everything all day can enjoy water rides and games for thrillseekers: Such as Kamikaze, and fast slides which splash people into the water, throw them up in the air, or spin them around. Or just float on a calm river.

All Day Prices for adults are 75 pesos during the busy season, about $7.50 and during the low season 65 pesos. Children  1 meter  to 1.2 meters tall 60 pesos. Children less than a meter tall (about 3 feet) are free. 

Music and entertainment are in the park but normal events are birthday parties. See their pomotions page for a May 2014 coupon for 5 people at 300 pesos. LINK