Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT)

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In 2010, CECUT offered nearly 13,000 cultural events, including festivals of dance, guitar, theater, literature, poetry, folk traditions, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, cultural harvest, IMAX movies and video theater, among others. It is visited by 1.5 million people annually.

Wine harvest festivals

For these festivals which stem out of Valle de Guadalupe, (Mexico's wine country), CECUT will be hosting Muestra de vinos, maridaje y música on Tuesday August 5, 2014 at 6:00PM Tasting of wines will be accompanied by snacks and jazz ticket prices are set at $500.00 mn.

Festival otaku

Saturday, May 3, CECUT will be hosting Otaku; The festival will bring 1000s who enjoy Japanese Amine to the center ... (Photos).

Mexico Baila

TV Azteca, Mexico`s second biggest television network, produces Mexico Baila. First, twenty-seven states were chosen; their Secretary`s of Tourism selected one city from each, whose individual City Governments each selected one worthy cause for whom their citizens would dance competitively to raise funds for that cause. Baja California chose Rosarito and Rosarito`s Mayor chose the Boys and Girls Club (the Club de Ninos y Ninas Seccion Rosarito). This just happens to be the charity for which we have been fund-raising for the past four years. ... New choreography will be taught beginning July 21st.

Rosarito's Boys And Girl Club won the first round of Mexico Baila at the Rosarito Hotel. The Second Round for the Semifinal will have a massive dance filmed on July 26th at the CECUT. Practices take place from July 20th to the 25th at the Tijuana Sports Complex, "CREA", from 4-6PM.

Video of Round 1:




A few of the other events in 2013:

  • Kung Fu and Tai Chi ... Jan 1 - Dec 31 ... Classes and workshops.
  • Mexico Through the Causes ... November 23 2012 to March 17 2013 ... Exhibition.
  • From the Heart ... March 03 to 31 2013 ... Music
  • The Arctic ... March 01 to 31 2013 ... Cinema
  • Aquarium ... November 26 2012 to December 31 2013 ... Exhibition.
  • The Flight of the Monarch Butterfly ... March 01 to 31 2013 ... Cinema
  • Semana del Mariachi San Diego-Tijuana ... March 10 2013 ... Music

Facilities include: Concert Hall, Omnimax theatre, Video project room, Musio de las Californias (multi-purpose hall, childrens reading room), Jardin Caracol (Outside Gardens, Meso American Exhibit), Foro Luna (open air theatre), El Cubo (three story building hosting internation gallery), Espanade (5,700 square meter open air exhibits), Cafe Cecut.