The 5 Star Yurt Oasis of San Ignacio.

Ignacio Spring Bed and Breakfast consistently gets 5 stars and testimonies from people that say, "you must, stay in a Yurt." One of the major attractions to San Ignacio is eco-tourism , for many a hotel room can take away from the experience, but primitive camping can leave one without a full nights sleep and a minimal breakfast does not charge one to 100% and still warn from travel. And, the truth about camp coffee is it is grainy. Don't get me wrong, camp coffee is a blessing, but it is a compromise worth taking to experience the natural wonders of Baja, to replace the sound of machine with the sound of nature that touches and brings tranquility deep into the heart, curiously moves the soul into awesome wonder, and fills the spirit with a sense of adventure; Still no one would make camp coffee at home unless it was an emergency.

San Ignacio is in the heart of Viscaino Biosphere Reserve off the transpenesula highway. It is near many natural attractions from whale watching experiences to trips to view native cave paintings, Ignacio Springs Bed and Breakfast is in an oasis at the river's edge, true to an oasis the sun is softened by palm trees, and temperatures are tempered by the shade and water of the river. It is an oasis where one can come to be revived.

The owners, Gary and Terry Marcer, moved from Canada in 2001 having had experience establishing bed and breakfast locations in Canada. They understand the needs of eco-travelers. Their brilliant solution for eco-tourism accommodations are bed and breakfast Yurts inside an oasis, and palm tree forest. The Yurts have preserved the 300 year old palm tree oasis and the ecology of the river. The couple thought it would be an eco-crime to even consider removing them.

People who enjoy eco-tourism will also enjoy being around like minded people during breakfast, Gary and Terry Marcer are a wealth of information, are like minded, and have a vast experiance for guided excursions which they are expanding into,

A yurt is like a tent in that it has cloth walls, When sun filters through the palms, which removes its fierceness, it then gently lights the yurt in natural lighting. The sounds of nature are not closed out by walls and the environment of the oasis is tempered and pleasant. Unlike a tent a yurt is a permanent full height structure with wood framing to hold the cloth walls securely in place, with curtained windows that can be opened to allow the natural breeze to flow through the room and private bathrooms. The fixtures are of the type that one would find in a hotel room, lamps, tables and free wifi. One does not sleep on a cot instead a full size comfortable bed is offered with fluffed pillows, towels, soft linens. A solid floor means one does not need to avoid the spot where there is a rock under a tent, One can remove their shoes in comfort, which is good after a lot of walking. The experience may leave one feeling this is how royalty camps, with all the experience of nature and all the services of a bed and breakfast.

Services of a bed and breakfast of course include a breakfast. Unlike primitive camping there are no chores of preparing a meal and coffee or other basic needs. Breakfast is offered as an all you can eat and is praised on by travelers, and the coffee is suitable for royalty, (important for many). Gary's home-cured ham,Terry's homemade bread, and the banquets they server guests are becoming known world wide. Dinner is also severed on request.

There solution for accessing the river is by a permanent walkway and stairs like one would find on a swimming pool, One can touch the water without a chore of removing mud of a muddy shoreline. One can find the thoughtful understanding of the owners throughout the oasis. The placements of the yurts are such that one not only gets a room but also a space within the property, the views outside the windows are nature.

The spring fed river is good for swimming and kayaking, (provided for free), The oasis is a eco-tourist attraction itself for river kayaking and bird watching.