Mex 3 - Tecate to Ensenada

Mex 3 - Tecate to Ensenada

(64 miles + 7 Miles on Mex 1, 1:30 Hours @ 45MPH)

The scenic road is mostly a two lane highway with curves, intersections, towns, etc, that require speeds to be reduced. Parts of the highway have been upgraded to 4 lanes.

Mile 0.0 Parque Hidalgo at the intersection of Av. Juarez & Calle Ortiz Rubio.

Mile 0.1 Junction with Highway 2 Libre (Free) Road to Tijuana.

Mile 0.3 On the left, a park and interesting Centro Artesanal (Artisan Center) with locally crafted blown glass, pottery and cermics, plus arts and crafts from various Mexican states.

Mile 0.6 Small Glorieta (traffic circle).

Mile 1.6 Junction with Highway 2-D Cuota (toll) Road to Tijuana.

Mile 2.7 Caution: Sharp Curves.

Mile 6.0 Entrance to Rancho Tecate Resort and Country Club, (KM 10.5) with a 3 -hole golf cousrse. Adjacent to the entrance is La Sirenita Mini Zoo and Museum.

Mile 6.9 Alberca Tanama, a large family recreation center with four pools and picnic grounds, (KM 11.5)

Mile 8.1 Ejido Nueva Colonia with a few markets

Mile 17.2  KM 28, Valle de las Palmas, an agricultural town with markets, small restaurants, and auto repair services, Internet Cafe, Miracle Ranch Children's Home.

Mile 29.6 El Testerazo with a few markets and cafes.

Mile 43.7 Enjoy a fine view of Valle de Guadalupe's abundant vineyards and enter the "Wine Country of Mexico." 

  • Baja California wineries produce nearly 95% of Mexico's table wines. During August and September, local vintners host annual grape harvest festivals known as Fiestas de la Vendimia.
  • Tours to the wine country are provided by many of the hotels in Ensenada. Some of the vintners have daily tours and most have wine tastings for visitors and groups by reservation.

Mile 44.5 L.A. Cetto Winery is the first southbound exit in the valley off the to east at KM 73.5 features daily tours and tastings of its wines, coolers, brandies and tequilas. 

Mile 44.6 at Km 73.0 Mexio's oldest producer of wines, Casa Pedro Domecq, offers tours and tastings of its wines and brandies.

Mile 45.4 Ranch Sordo Mudo a free home and school for deaf children in Baja California near Km. 74.5

Mile 46.5 Junction of the main road into Francisco Zarco, (and Gasoline) a town established by Russian immigrants of the Molokan sect who settles in the Guadalupe Valley in the early 1900s.

Mile 47.0 Puento Guadalupe, a bridge over an arroyo.

At Km 81.5 Hotel Hacienda Guadalupe is off to the south. 

Mile 51.9 Mogor Badan Winery at Racho El Mogor at Km 85.5.

Mile 53.3 Hotel Meson del Vino will be found on the north side of the road at one of the dirt roads leading up to road that passes through Francisco Zarco into E.J. El Porvenir 7 Km to the north

Mile 56.6 Restaurant Mustafa at Km 93 known for its Moroccan and Mexican cuisine. On the left side of the highway is Vina de Liceaga Winery.

Mile 56.9 Casa de Piedra Winery at Km 93.5 offers tours and wine tastings for small groups by appointment.

Mile 57.1 San Antonia de las Minas a small town with markets, restaurants and stores. Restaurant y Vivero La Hacienda is at this exit and (just past the sharp curves to the south) Rancho Cuestamar is found here.

Mile 57.6 Caution Sharp curves

Roads in the Guadalupe Valley have been and are being upgraded to 4 lanes with graded curves. Remain careful of animals on the road and cross streets.

Mile 60.0 View of Ensenada's bay and Todos Santos Island.

Mile 62.0 City of Children

Mile 63.7 Junction with Highways to Tiuana (56 Miles) and Ensenada (7 Miles) Continue to Ensenada from mile 40.7 on Rosarito to Ensenada page.

  • Two miles to the north is San Miguel internationally know for its surf conditions and home to many   surf competitions