Mex 1 to Santa Rosalia

San Ignacio to Santa Rosalia

44 Miles, 77 km. 1:15 Hours

Mex 1 is Baja California's trans-peninsula highway carries the bulk of vehicles up and down the peninsula, is fully paved and is actively maintained. This section of the highway has mountainous sharp curves and the steepest grade which exists on the highway. Animals can be found sleeping on the highway and turnoffs intersect the highway. Slower speeds need to be used on this section, many of the turnoffs require high clearance vehicles or 4x4, but the highway is suitable for regular passenger cars.

Mile 0.0
San Ignacio junction with Highway 1

Mile 0.4
Baja Oasis Motel.

Mile 8.3
Turnoff to El Carriciito, (20 Km.).

Mile 12.1
Turnoff on graded dirt road to Santa Martha cave painting sites, (40 Km), in the Sierra de San Francisco. Visitors should contact INAH at the museum in San Ignacio for registration and permit information before proceeding to this protected archeological zone. High clearance vehicle needed.

Mile 12.2
Ejido Alfredo Bonfil with cafe and small markets.

Mile 21.7
The highway begins to wind; dangerous curves ahead. On the left is Las Tres Virgenes, a volcanic mountain with three conical vents rising to an elevation of 4,500 to over 6,500 feet. Their last eruption was thought to have been in 1746.

Mile 25.0
Las Virgenes experimental geothermal project.

Mile 34.1
First view of the gulf of California before descending the infamous Cuesta det Infierno, (The Road to Hell), Use extra caution especially on curves. The descent drops from an elevation of 1,200 feet to 300 feet in less than 4 miles. While that is an average of 1 foot decent every 25 feet some areas decend sharper and the decent is continuous into the warmer desert below.

Mile 37.2
LP Gas, (propane).

Mile 39.5
The highway turns south and runs along the shore of the gulf. A State tourist office is  located on the west side of the highway just north of town, (near Km 197).

Mile 44.2
Hotel El Industrial, the junction with Avenida Obregon – the main one-way street into town; And, the monument of the historic El Boleo copper company, a small mining locomotive.