Mex 5 - to Puertecitos

San Felipe to Puertecitos

52 Miles, 83 km, 1:30 hours,

The road sees daily traffic 700 plus vehicles daily. Repairs have been finished according to a statement by the Communications and Transportation Secretariat (SCT) in Sept 2013 through to San Luis Gonzaga. The Highway continues as a dishboard dirt road  to intersect with Highway 1 at Laguna Chapala, for high clearance vehicles only for travel in daylight hours. The road is incredibly scene with a contrast between the geothemic hills and the islands that come in to view in the Sea of Cortez. The Puertecitos to Gonzaga Bay section is a new highway with pullouts, bridges, shoulders, etc ... almost to Papa Fernandez, (The last 38 miles are unpaved) The paved 4 lane highway now continues to Km. 153 two miles south Alfonsina's and the of Pemex station.

The paved two lane highway between San Felipe and Puerteecitos has many valdos, (dips) across dry creeks, which can flood and turn into washouts, Over forty of the vardos, (dips), are marked and they are large enough to be dangerous or cause damage to vehicles, if vehicles do not slow down for them. Road can be traveled by sturdy passenger cars who drive at reasonably slow speeds. It is difficult because of the need to be constantly on alert to slow down for dips or animals sleeping on the road. Vehicles with trailers need to use extra care in passing valdos.

August 31, 2013, Update heavy rain at the end of August has floaded a few valdos where the road crosses dry creeks they have been cleaned up.

Mile 0.0
Turn right at junction of Highway 5 and the Airport Road / Av, Mar Caribe (the name of the Road later changes to Av, Camino del Sur).

Mile 0.7
Pemex station with mini-market.

Mile 1.9
Entrance to Hotel Las Missiones, Mar del Sol RV park and Motel Terraza.

Mile 2.1
Baja Suites, Playa Club Misiones at Club Habana Resort, on left side of highway.

Mile 2.5
Turnoff to harbor and Port Captain.

Mile 2.9
Entrances to San Felipe Marina Resort and RV Park.

Mile 3.2
San Felipe Marina Resort & Spa, (Km 4.5 carretera San Felipe - Puertecitos)

Mile 6.1
Continue straight for the Airport, 

Turn left on the paved highway signed "Laguna Chapala."  Stay alert! The 46 mile road had problems with washouts and contains over forty vardos  (dips). Some quite harsh, most located along the last fifteen miles / Arroyo Matomi flood plain. Repairs began late 2012 - not all harsh dips have not been removed.

Mile 6.8
Entrance to Villas Hacienda del Mar at Km 1.

Mile 9.5
Turnoff to San Fernando RV Park at Km 5.5

Mile 10.2
Turnoff to Faro Beach Trailer Park on Punta Estrella at Km 6.5

Mile 11.3
Turnoff to Villa Marina Beach Resort at Km 8.5

Mile 12.8
Turnoff to La Joya del Mar / Las Conchas RV Park at Km 11

Mile 13.8
Turnoff on left to Rancho Punta Estrella RV Park at Km 13

Mile 14.7
To visit Valle de Los Gigantes, (Valley of the Giants), Turn right at the "Sahuaro" sign near Km 14.5, birth site of the huge cardon cactus which was sent to the 1992 World's Fair in Seville, Spain. Be sure to stay near the center of the road to avoid soft sand shoulders.Mile 18.6

Turnoff to Rancho Laguna Pecebu campgrounds at Km 20.5.

Mile 15.8
Large dip in the road that has become a bit famous as the "Oh --- Dip," and is one of the most photographed valdos in the world -- (GPS 30.856019 ,-114.744111).

Mile 24.9
Turnoff to Campo Santa Maria.

Mile 27.5
On the left is Shell Island, Santa Maria Kitesurfing, Photo on the right is of CAMPO PUNTA ESTRELLA 2 just north of Shell Island.

From here to Puertecitos are numerous beachfront campgrounds lined with vacation homes overlooking the Gulf of California.

Mile 33.9
Bello Horizonte, Kilometro 43.5 carretera San felipe a Puertecitos

Mile 51.7
Enter Puertecitos with the Delegacion on the right. Slightly further on the left is Conasupo Las Palmas Market, followed by the Pemex station, then Campo Turistico Puertecitos. A rough dirt road, which continues south to Bahia San Luis Gonzaga then west to intersect with Highway 1 at Laguna Chapala for high clearance vehicles.