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Catch of the Day

July 12th, via Tuna are in Southern California waters, numerous photos, however without knowing how many fish and how many boats its not possible to say how easy or hard it is to catch the tuna.

Large anchovy school at Scripps Pier, July 8, 2014, 



June 20thBob Vanian's blog on puts it simply, Yellowtail have been found in a lot of places, along San Diego County coast fishing is productive for calico bass, sand bass, rockfish and white seabass with an occasional yellowtail or halibut. San Diego Fish Counts are showing consistant, yellowtail, barracuda, rockfish and sheephead, kelp bass in respectable numbers on occasion.

San Diego North has lots of information on the increasing water temps seen over the last 30 days. Mid June has Yellowtail reaching to catalina and barracuda showing up. 

MEMORIAL DAY, Yellowtail Fever hits souther california waters with non-stop radio reports of Yellowtail for San Diego Fleets ... Hat Tip

April into first half of MayChubasco II has had a variety from Yellowtail and Rockfish to Kelp Bass and sand bass. Most abundant are Rockfish. is reporting a simular variety adds bluefin tuna. adds Barracuda.

Part of the first half of May saw hot and dry santa ana winds and significantly higher tempuratures.

April 4-6, caught 29 yellowtail on Malihini 3/4 day trips to Coronado Islands and hit limits / catch and release on Rockfish. The 3/4 day trips on the Malihini continue to find the yellowtail on every trip ... ... boatmonth.52 but not every angler lands one, most are catching Rockfish, with occasional Sheephead.

Entering into April saw some cooler temperatures that may have effected yellowtail fishing ... The first weekend, (April 5th -6th) has catch of the day being rockfish on 4-6-2014. Reports farther south generally take a few more days before sports-fishermen get online and report them.

April 4th, 2014 - - summary report on yellowtail targeted fishing does have yellowtail and reports on cooler water around the Coronado Islands. Weather often changes fishing conditions for either the good or bad; The initial concern was it was going to be for the bad; However, initial Ensendada post weather fishing reports strongly suggest it is for the good with Yellowtail beating up sports fishermen.

March 31, 2014 - First person reports for Mission bay has halibut via sdfish forums, on a fairly consistant bases.

Mission Belle Sports Fishing on 03-19-2014 had 64 California Yellowtail with 22 anglers, nearly 3 each. And on 03-25-2014 with 9 anglers had 15 yellowtail. There week has had yellowtail everyday except for one trip, and a abundance of Rockfish.

March 21, 2014 - fish counts for Friday brought in 31 Yellowtail on trips over 1/2 day. Rockfish were the most caught species with over 500, followed by Lingcod and then yellowtail. There four boats took out 125 anglers.

March 18, 2014 - The catch of the day may not be yellowtail across the sports fishing fleet; However for those heading south towards the Coronado Islands yellowtails are consistently showing up. Starting in February yellowtails have been on the menu along with rock cod.

H&M Landing reports their boat the Malihini had 111 yellowtail onboard from a 3/4 day trip to the Coronado Islands March 10th, (via

A location report comes from who reports that several boats were not successful in finding yellowtails, "The new ‘hot spot’ is the Rockpile."