Mex 1D - Tijuana to Ensenada (toll road)




Mile 0
From Tijuana Port of entry from San Ysidro, San Diego, stay in right hand lands when crossing the border the ramp south to Ensenada is immediately after the revision station. When lanes converge into 5 lines the right two lanes become the ramp to the Scenic Toll Highway. 

This road leading to the Scenic Highway is a 4 lane divided road with intersections on the south side only. The north side leading to the scenic highway has on off ramps. But can have pedestrian traffic.

Mile 2.2
Ramp on left allows for turning around and visiting businesses that were past alone the south side of the road.

Mile 3.3 - Scenic Highway Mex 1D
Ramp on right leading to Mex 1d, Calle Segunda west becomes Mex 1d at this location. Continue straight to go south then east towards tecate.

Mile 3.8
Ramp onto Calla Mirado, into a residential area in Tijuana that has Hospital Issstecali Tijuana

Mile 4.5
View of Pacific Ocean and bull ring.

Mile 4.7
Exit for Bull ring and Playa's de Tijuana

Mile 5.7
First Toll Station, Note the modern toll station, (normally in use), is another half mile.

Mile 6.0
Rest Area

Mile 6.2
A modern toll station, normally in use.

Mile 8.3
Exit Puerto La Joya

Mile 9.3
Exit Punta Bandera

Mile 11.5
Km. 19.5, Exit for Golf Real del Mar, and Marriott Real del mar

Mile 13.0
Exits and on ramps north and south for San Antonio del Mar semi exclusive beachfront community. Cocina La Maria and YWAM campus

Mile 13.3
Baja Malibu, (ramp for southbound vehicles - northbound traffic needs to use exit at Mile 13 and get on southbound Mex 1D)

Mile 14.7
Exits and On ramps both north and south. Services Baja Convention Center.

Mile 15.1

Mile 17.4
Exit to Pabellon Rosarito which includes a movie theater, walmart, home depo, food and numerous shops.

Mile 17.6
Intersection with Mex 1 (free highway), leading into Rosarito Beach.

Mile 18.2
Intersection with Calla Art 27 Constitucional on/off Ramps both north and south.

Mile 18.3
Ramp (south only) into Rosarito

Mile 20.4
Ramp (South only) into Rosarito, use this exit to lead straight into the Rosarito Beach Hotel.

Mile 21.0
Ramps to and from Mex 1, (free highway).

Mile 22.2
Pemex and highway services for both free Mex 1 and toll Mex 1d.

  • Stay on the free road to visit Fox Studios Baja, Puerto Popotla, and Calafia

Mile 22.3
Rosarito toll booth with restrooms and mini-markets.

Mile 24.0
View of Fox Studios Baja, filming site of James Cameron's blockbuster, Titanic

Mile 30.0
The exit for Calafia / Puerto Nuevo exits to the free road convenient for Giorgio Santini Gallery, Las Rocas Resort and Calafia Hotel and Cultural Center, (to the north). The dozens of restaurants in Puerto Nuevo have a common specialty is fried Pacific lobster served with beans, rice and tortillas.

  • Just South on free road, about a half mile, at KM 36.6 is Playa de Cortez..

Mile 32.4

Cantamar/Puerto Nuevo exit to the Free Road with restaurants, stores and gasoline

Mile 35.8
Cuenca Lechera exit to the free road and historic Halfway House Restaurant/Bar established in 1922 as a stopover point halfway between Tijuana and Ensenada.

Mile 40.4
La Mission / Plaza del Mar exit (also known as Alisitos K-58 Surf Point Camp)  for famous Restaurant / Hotel La Fonda, and Hotel La Mission and Pyramid Resourt to the north. And the new most famous place Poco Cielo. [KM 59]

  • Just South on the free road is the preserved ruins of San Miguel Arcangel de la Frontera, the Dominican mission established by Friar Luis Sales in 1787. This historic valley is the site of the annual La Mission Fiestas, held in May, which features rodeos, entertainment, and cultural expositions. The mission ruins are located next to the primary school at km 65.5. The Free Road then winds inland through the hills and rejoins Mexico 1 just south of the Ensenada Toll Gate, (approximately 20 miles).

Mile 42.2 
Rest area (Area de descanso) with a wide sandy beach and parking lot.

Mile 43.5
Baja Seasons Beach Resort, Villas, RVs and Motel (km 72.)

Mile 44.7
La Salina exit with La Salina Bar / Restaurant / Motel and Puerto Salina, a private marina, (now with both private and public events), and residential area. Map


Mile 47.7
Bajamar / Jatay exit (Km 77.5) for Bajamar Oceanfront Golf Resort with Hotel Hacienda and three 9 hole golf courses open to the public.

Mile 49.5
KM 80, Road goes to an industrial area.

Mile 51.6
El Mirado Vista Point -- Bewair of dangerous curve ahead.

Mile 52.6
Rest stop (Area de descanso) with parking and emergency call box.

Mile 54.0
Ranch Salspipuedes exit Once only a surf point with primitive camping, (Salsipuedes means "get out if you can," a warning to those who brave the steep entrance to the bay). Development has been planned for Rancho Salsipuedes, and there is a gate, which prevents access.

Mile 58.1 Turnoff to Playa Saldamando with primitive camping (southbound exit only) at Km 94.

Use caution for the next 4 miles to the toll gate in San Miguel. Hill slippage has required routine maintenance on this portion of the road to remove bumps.

Mile 58.3 Rest area (Area de descanso) and whale watching viewpoint.

Mile 61.2 Ensenada Toll Gate and exit to the free road with restrooms at km 99 exit

  • just south to Villa de San Miguel, a beach community founded in 1957, with a restaurant / bar and RV park. Playa San Miguel is the site of annual surfing tournaments.
  • The junction with the Free Road to Tijuana about 5 minutes north on the free road is Cabana Cuatrocuatros a retreat in a vineyard with Luxury cabañas – wood, steel and cotton tents on raised platforms - their interiors are elegantly designed and include everything that would be found in a boutique hotel: mini-bars, fireplaces, plush beds, and joyously light and luxe bathrooms, some of which even have small zen-ish garden patios.

Mile 62.1 
Gasoline on left.

Mile 62.9
Junction to Highway 3 to Tecate (64 miles). Highway 3 winds through the fertile vineyards of San Antonio de las Minas (7 miles) and Valle de Guadalupe (17 miles), know as "The Wine Country of Mexico."

Mile 63.0 Enter the fishing port of El Sauzal de Rodriguez with a harbor, seafood canneries, small supermarkets, restaurants, stores, a llantera, Gasoline, motels and trailer parks.

Mile 66.0 L.P. Gas (propane) depot on the left.

Mile 66.3 
Turn off to Punta Morro Resort and the University of Baja Califronia on the right.

Mile 66.7
Road forks.

  • The right fork, "Centro" goes along the coast for Hotel Coral and Marina, Quintas Papgaya Resort, the main harbor, downtown Ensenada and San Quintin via Blvd. Costero. (also an alternate route to San Felipe), Follow signs through town.
  • The left fork, bypasses the center of town via Calles 10 and 9 to Av. Reforma, (see Ensenada points of interest map - red pin), which leads south to the Juarez monument.

Mile 68.3 Along the coastal route, another fork in the road - see Ensenada Points of Interest Map (red pin)

  • The right fork "Recinto Portuario", leads to the commercial harbor.
  • The left fork continues to downtown Ensenada.

Mile 68.9 Ensenada, at the intersection of boulevards Azueta and Costero. Straight ahead on the right is the Tourist and Convention Bureau a one-way street leading to the largest open-air seafood market in northern Baja; The pedestrian entrance to the malecon boardwalk along the bay.

Another entrance to the fish market is at mile 69.1.

Plaza Civica with the giant heads of Benito Juarez, Miguel Hidalgo and Venustiano Carranza. Mile 47.0 (see red pin on Ensenada points of interest map

Parque Ventana al Mar with its 350-foot flagpole and monumental Mexican flag. at Mile 69.4

Cross the bridge to cruise ship terminal and Cruiseport Village (on the right). Riviera del Pacifio on the left. State Tourism office is half a block ahead.