Rosarito Off Roading Sand Dunes


Heading south from Rosarito, about a mile past Puerta Nuevo, off roader's will see a large mass of sand in the distance. This Sahara desert in Punta Cantamar is know as the Baja Sand Dunes and a popular destination for off ATVs.

The enterance to the dunes is about quarter mile south of the town of Punta Cantamar. You will see a Metal swing gate that leads to the beach. 

At the beach you will find a few open air stalls, which have drinks. Our information is there is a $5.00 dollars per vehicle per day and $5.00 to camp at night. They also charge $1.00 for each off road vehicle that you take to use.

Off road vehicles used on roads must have liablility insurance and must be street legal. When ATVs or any vehicle are on a trailer the trailer and vehicles on the trailer need coverage..