Rosarito Canyon

One of the secret destinations in Rosarito is Rosarito Canyon. The canyon is still undiscovered by Google street views and is a completely different experience than Rosarito Beach. The entrance to the canyon is near central Rosarito.

From Hotel Festival Plaza Rosarito México take Calle de la Palma east across the toll road. This road turns to the south for a block before making a 180 turn to the north, which is Gabriel Leyva. The unpaved Calle de la Palma that continues briefly to the south toward the river before it turns inland following the stream. It has several signs inviting people to continue.

The canyon has several ranches that allow camping, horseback riding or host off roading activities. camel rides and Canyon de Rosarito Mountain Bicycle into the canyon.

As one enters the canyon by road some farmland is passed on the right. Several farm roads cross Calle de la Palma but the main road is easy to follow as it follows the river inland. Just less than 2 miles one will run into Rancho las Delicias. They host off roading / 4 wheel drive activities.


Another half mile, is and oasis and Rincon Tropical Hotel, which stands out for its amenities and hospitality. Rincon Tropical features a mini zoo with llamas, eagles, monkeys, koi pond and more.  This mountain paradise also offers go-carts for children & adults, two swimming pools, a very well stocked bar and a restaurant with AWARD winning meals with reasonable prices.

For those who would like to spend the night in this secluded and very secure hotel, they have rustic cabanas perched up on the hillside that are simply adorable and lavishing rooms spread out on the estate. The private cabanas have views overlooking Rincon and the canyon.


Rosarito Canyon provides a vacation destination that few people are aware of and a delightfully different experiance of Rosarito Beach. Horseback riding is popular in the historic Rosarito Canyon.