Rosarito Memorial Day Art Festival

Rosarito Memorial Day Art Fest starts off the summer season in Rosarito with 100 renowed artist paintings, sculpture, photography and Live music, Food, and Crafts.

The 2014 event will be hosted by Festival Plaza Hotel and Blvd. Benito Juarez, on May 24th and 25th. 

Rosarito Art Fest combines both renowned artists as well as promising new artists from different regions; Includes musical and gastronomical presentations that will suggest to the attendees to admire, acquire and enjoy the different proposals and performances on display.

Reasons to visit the Art Festival Include

The location! Where could a better location be found in terms of a naturally enjoyable place as in front of one of the world most relaxing beaches, with great weather, great sunsets, and great sandy beaches to walk along?

The Timing! Memorial day is the begining of summer. When else would you have this interesting mix of people who are all in Rosarito to celebrat the begining of summer.

Family friendly environment! People of all ages enjoy Rosarito. It is not limited to any age group. The Rosarito Beach Hotel is welcoming to everybody.

Great food! Rosarito is central to Baja unique mix of seafood with the spices of Mexico. Tourism has allowed Baja to bring in some of the best ingrediants and Baja Cusine has become recognized around the world.

Friendly artists! The culture of entertainment in Mexico is one where entertainers enjoy talking and mingling with their fans; which is of course not limited to the very famous. One can talk to the artists and ask them about the painting and get a much better understanding of the art.

A few of the Artist's Facebook pages