RECORD San Vicente 200

This is the fourth race in the Record Off Road Series, taking place at La Vuelta ... between Ensenada and San Felipe. The race was AKA Por Definir earlier this year. The event begins on Friday Sept 27th and continues through Sept 29th.

Registration for off road racers is in process. See Record Off Road Site. Instant Mexico Auto Insurance is proud to be the official insurance agency for Record Off Road - racers should get insurance through the registeration process to insure they don't overpay.

Leading in overall points for Record's off road series is Ramon Bio in Safari Class with 80 points. Miguel Sandoval in Class 7 Stock is at 72 points. Pancho Bio in Class 11 is at 71 points and Alejandro Avalos Gutierrez is at 71 points in ATV Sportman Class. 

The race will likely bring well over 100 skilled racers. Although the series remains a grass roots fun event with new faces. Class 11 is a stock production VW Sedan AKA "Herbie," which opens the door to talented racers who have limited finicial resources.

The race is a great place for motor sports companies to find racers who need a sponsor.