Rancho El Matomi

The waterfall fed pool/ oasis awaits visitors; Rancho El Matomi is off the main road South of San Felipe. Getting there requires a vehicles with high clearance, (4WD, SUV, Motorcycle). It is the southern part of the Valle Chico map on Communitywalk and the camp site of choice for anybody wishing to climb to Matomi Peak (5460 feet experianced climbers). Note the road conditions can change the route shown on Community walk is not usable today, hopefully it will be re-opened soon - BajaNomad

Off road adventures simply enjoy the trip and say overnight in campers and tents. Going to El Matomi Canyon is going on a road less traveled into the interior of Baja California. You want to go with other people in case of breakdowns. Have a GPS to get where you want to go and take a camera for pictures. To get a GPS location using google maps right click the map and select "What's Here." The stream, waterfall, and pool are behind the abandoned ranch house is at the end of the road. GPS: 30 27.410'X 115 04.862'

When you arrive you will be able to enjoy what the interior of Baja has to offer.