Puerto Nuevo

Puerto Nuevo, (lobster village as it is known locally), is a favorite stop for many frequent travelers. It is know for its style of lobster, dozens of restaurants and bargain prices for lobster, many colorful shops, and incredible ocean views.

Lobster season starts in October and Puerto Nuevo puts on a yearly lobster festival.

Puerto Nuevo

Lobster season continues till March.

Another event for mountain biking is MONTAÑA GRANDE (LOBSTER RIDE), organized by toomuchfun.com.mx. The ride on April 26th, 2014, will be a 30 mile ride from Rosarito to Puerto Nuevo via a mountain trail.

Puerto Nuevo is around a 11 mile drive from Rosarito Beach, or around 25 miles south of Tijuana. When Rosarito incorporated Puerto Nuevo became part of the Rosarito municipality, which has led to improvements in infrastructure, such as road construction,  across the region.

Puerto Nuevo village is nested between two five star resort hotels Las Rocas and Baja Grand they often have events and summertime promotions, and often share in Rosarito events; Offering specials during these events. Puerto Nuevo itself has Wine and Lobster Festivals The event, held in October, includes lobster, wine from Ensenada's famed Guadalupe Valley wine country, dessert, dancing, music and traditional Mexican folkloric ballet.

While every restaurant has fried lobster, rice and beans, each of the restaurants has their own twist, style and methods to server their customers. Other seafood entries are also served. The most tender lobsters are medium size (around 1 lb.) and are sold at bargain prices. Around a million lobsters are served yearly along the Rosarito coast.However, don't judge restaurants by appearance alone or you may miss out on some incredible food.