NORRA - La Carrera Del Norte - 500

2013 NORRA Mexican 500

The Mexican 500, "La Carrera Del Norte," has been added to NORRA race skedule. Starting day one, (September 28) from Ensenada to Mexicali, day two from Mexicali to San Felipe, and day three from San Felipe to Ensenada. Technical and registration activities take place in Ensenada on the 27th.

Registeration is open to Vintage and Evolution classes. The vintage class is unique to NORRA. which places trophy trucks from the past back on to the challenging off road terrain of Baja California. -- Register Online --

Honoring the past.

The First Baja 1000

Vintage Open Buggy class will bring Bryan Garvey's 1989 Ford Chaparral and Gay Smith's 1966 VW convertable.

Vintage Open Truck/SUV will bring Steve Krieger II's, 1989 Ford Bronco.

Vintage Open Truck/SUV with Rear Leaf Springs will bring Paul Schaffer's, 1976 Datsun 620

Vintage Open Truck/SUV w/Rear Leaf Springs 4.5l max will bring Bob Land's, 1989 Jeep Cherokee

Vintage Open Truck 4x4 will bring Marco Tavarez's, 1992 ford F-150

These a just a few of the early registerations!!!