Mex 1 to Bahia Concepcion to Loreto

Mulege to Bahia Concepcion to Loreto

82 Miles - 131 km - 2:00 hours.

Mile 0.0
Mulege Arched Junction with Mex 1.

Mile 0.3
Highway 1 Crosses bridge over Ro Mulege.

Mile 0.8
Road left lead to Mission Santa Rosalia de Mulege.

Mile 1.1
Turnoff to The Orchard Vacation Village and RV park along the river bank.

Mile 1.7
Entrance to Hotel Cuesta Real.

Mile 1.9
Turnoff to Villa Maria Isabel RV Park on the river.

Mile 2.5
Turnoff left for Hotel Serenidad.

Mile 3.1
Pemex Station with Diesel.

Mile 9.0
Turnoff to Villas de Mulege, a real estate development on Bahia Concepcion.

Mile 10.3
Dirt road to Playa Punta Arena with primitive campsites.

Mile 12.5
The highway curves to offer a view of Bahia Concepcion. Outlined by white sand beaches dotted with p icturesque palaps that appear like mushrooms basking in the sun. Yachts, sailboats, catamarans and kayaks play among the dreamy offshore islands and, in the turquoise waters, snorkelers and swimmers frolic among the sea life.

For the next 20 miles the highway will closely follow the western shore of the bay, where primitive camping is permitted, usually for a small fee. The stunning contrast of desert and gradient emerald waters is a visual treasure trove.

Mile 13.0
Playa Santispac, an attractive public beach with restaurants and palapa campsites.

Mile 14.3
Posada Concepcion with a trailer park mainly for permament residents.

Mile 14.4
Turnoff at Km. 111 to Playa Escondida with palapa campsites and EcoMundo Outdoor Education Recreation Center with solar-powered palapa campsites, a restaurant bookstore gallery, snorkeling and kayak rentals.

Mile 14.9
Playa Los Cocos with palapa campsites.

Mile 16.2
Playa El Burro with a restaurant and palapa campsites. An arroyo with ancient petroglyphs is on the opposite side of the highway.

Mile 17.1
Turnoff to Playa El Coyote with a restaurant and palapa campsites.

Mile 25.0
Playa Buenaventura at Km 93.5 with Resort Hotel San Buenaventura and George's Ole RV Park and Restaurant, a popular water hole with kayak rentals.

Mile 26.0
Turnoff to Playa El Requeson, a striking beach distinguished by a tidal sandspit stretching out to its own offshore island. There are palapas for dry camping.

Mile 26.6
Viewpoint to admire the federally-approved painted rock design on the slopes of Cerro de la Mano del Gigante, created by Ensenada artist Francisco Hernandez Zamora in 1997. It took over 800 gallons of colored whitewash to outline the natural rock cluster to fashion the geoglyph (land art).

Mile 27.2
Playa Armenta, a public beach with a few palapa campsites.

Mile 45.3
View of Sierra de la Giganta, an imposing mountain range along the gulf coast. It is named after a race of Giant women that early Spanish explorers believed inhabited the area. The highest peak, Cerro Giganta, is higher than Denver, Colorado. There are numerous Indian cave paintings but this area can be treacherous because of the rugged terrain and danger of flash floods, Ecological adventure trips ino the "Mountain of the Giants"are best planned with experienced guides whose services can be arranged in Mulege or Loreto.

Mile 45.8
Turnoff west on a dirt road "53" through the Sierra de la Giganta to San Isidro; The road continues to the west coast  through San Juanico and into Ciudad Insurgentes, but the main road to San Juanico is from Ciudad Insurgentes.

Mile 50.6
A fine view of Sierra de la Giganta as the highway skirts her base.

Mile 76.6
Dangerous curve and sharp dip.

Mile 78.1
View of Loreto and Isla del Carmen.

Mile 81.7
Turnoff on paved road into Loreto.