Mike's Sky Ranch

Mike's Sky Ranch is located about 20 miles off the highway (Mex 3 - Ensenada to San Felipe Mile 83.9) on a less traveled but graded road (Call from US: 011-52-664-681-5514). There are no telephone poles out here, or even electricity wired this far out, so the small ranch uses a generator every night from sunset until bedtime: 10pm when the view of the stars is not hindered by lights and the view is incredible ... in-the-sky.org Astronomical Calendar.


2014 Tecate Score Baja 500


The Baja 500 will be passing through Camalu west of the highway. The 500 mile off road race starts in Ensenada and runs a course south past Camalu then cuts inland towards Mike''s Sky Ranch, east through Diablo Dry Lake, north and then west back to Ensenada.

The race is one of the world best know off road races; creating one of the events of the year for both people on the course and in the off road racing community.

Race Map


The swimming pool is clean & the properties water source is straight from the mountains via the year round flowing river next door. Camping out is an option down by the river.

Getting to Mike's Sky Ranch is half the fun. Located on a knoll overlooking Arroyo San Rafael, a wooded valley flanked by steep, on the north side of the San Pedro de Martir national park in the interior of baja.

Mike's Sky Ranch has become a haven for motorcyclists, a popular destination for desert racing enthusiasts, and a destination for 4WD adventurous types. There are some rough spots on the road depending on weather and recent races, not a problem for SUVs or motorcycles.

The scenery is harder to capture than the extreme between cactus and ocean - Bring your camera but with adventures into the interior of Baja you will need to tell the story. The photo below is an up stream pool that runs to the ranch.


Directions from Ensenada: take Baja Highway 3 east 88 miles. 11 miles past the town of Valle de Trinidad . Turn right (south) at the large "Mikes Sky Ranch" sign. Follow the signs down a 19 mile dirt road.

Once you get there you can enjoy the amenities and stay overnight.