Baja California, Mexico Fishing Permits

Sportsfisherman can bring fish, for personal consumption only, into the United States; They will be asked by customs officials to present a valid Mexican fishing license or a Mexico Department of Fisheries form covering the purchase of the fish. US Customs requires that the fish catch (crossing into California) must be accompanied by a California Declaration of Entry form, obtainable at California Fish and Game offices and at the US Border ports of entry. Fish brought across the border, can be cleaned guts removed, (Not filleted), but must be identifiable; usually the head, tail, or patch of skin left intact will suffice; And, the number of fish must not exceed the Mexican bag limit

You do not need a permit to catch fish from a beach in Mexico; But you need a Mexican fishing permit for fishing from a boat (All people on a fishing boat require a permit) and need a valid photo id. You will be issued an official receipt and corresponding permits when you purchase the permit in your name. 

You can buy your sport fishing permits directly at the state tourism offices; 

  • State Secretariat of Tourism, Via de la Juventud No. 8800-2523, Plaza Viva Tijuana, Tijuana.
  • State Secretariat of Tourism, Blvd. Lazaro Cardenas and Calle Las Rocas No. 1477, Ensenada
  • State Secretariat of Tourism, Blvd. Benito Juarez No. 907, Suite 29, Centro Comercial Oceana, Rosarito
  • State Secretariat of Tourism, Av. Mar de Cortes y Manzanillo No. 300, San Felipe
  • State Secretariat of Tourism, Carretera Transpeninsular Km. 178.3 Col. Santa Fe, San Quintin

Purchased online,

From the San Diego office of Mexico’s National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission the form can be printed, in 2013 some locations had ran out of the forms.

The Prices as of this update are: One day  $ 98.32 Pesos (just less than $10.00), One week  $ 246.47 Pesos, One month  $ 369.77 Pesos, One year  $ 493.17 Pesos.


Oficina de Pesca, 2550 Fifth Ave., Ste. 101, San Diego, CA 92103
Telephone 619-233-6956; Fax 619-233-0344

Mexico’s National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission, 2550 Fifth Avenue  # 15, San Diego, CA.92103 
Ph: (619) 233-4324  Fax: (619) 233-0344

In ocean waters and estuaries the limit is a total of ten fish per day, with no more than 5 catches of a single specie, except of the species of Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish and Shark, of which only one specimen of either is allowed, and which counts a five toward the overall 10 fish limit, or Dorado, Roosterfish, Shad, or Tarpon, of which only two samples of each species are allowed, which count a five toward the overall 10 fish limit.

Examples: (Hat Tip Department of Fisheries office in San Diego)

  • 1 marlin (5 points Limit one specimen) and 1 dorado (5 points), you have reached your limit for the day.
  • 2 dorado
  • 1 dorado plus 5 Yellowtail.
  • 1 Marlin plus 1 Shark (a specimen of each, and 5 points each)
  • 5 Yellowtail plus 5 Barracuda

No limit on catch and release.

  • It is illegal to capture and maintain alive any fish for ornamental purposes.
  • It is prohibited to receive any financial gain from the product obtained through sportfishing.
  • It is prohibited to dump trash, litter or substances that harm the aquatic flora or fauna, whether on  lakes, river banks, shores or oceanic waters.
  • It is prohibited to collect shells, corals, sea anemones and snails, or to disturb the original ecosystem environment.
  • It is prohibited to practice sportfishing 250 meters or less from swimmers.
  • It is prohibited to use artificial lighting to attract large quantities of fish.
  • It is prohibited to possess firearms in Mexican waters.
  • Fish caught under a sportfishing license may not be filletted aboard the vessel from which it was caught