Mex 5 - Mexicali to San Felipe

Mex 5, between Mexicali to San Felipe is a 120 miles mostly divided highway with shoulders ramps and bridges with some intersecting streets. The majority of the road has good visibility. Do not drive over the speed limit. It is just over a 2 hour drive to San Felipe.

Mile 0.0
Blvd Benito Juarez Crosses blvd Aldofo Lopez Mateos;  Blvd Benito Juarez becomes Mex 5 "A San Felipe" to San Felipe; while blvd Aldofo Lopez Mateos becomes Mex 2 San Luis Rio Colorado to San Luis Rio Colorado.

Mile 5.0
Intersection with Mex 2D (toll road), which meets up with the free road to the east towards San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora about 75 km from Mexicali. San Luis Rio Colorado is the fourth-largest community in the state of Sanora with full services.

Mile 12
On the east side of the highway is Cerra Prieto, Geothermal wells are being tapped here to provide electrical power to the people in Mexicali Valley. On the West side is Sierra de Los Cucapa. East past the Geothermal wells are farming communities.

Mile 19.3
Pemex Station.

Mile 23.0
Community of El Faro, and the delta numro uno. East are over 500 square miles of farms with communities every few miles across the main roads. 

Mile 24 - Junction with Baja California 4 to Durango, Guadalupe Victoria, and to Mex 3 which leads to Puerto Penasco, (Rocky Point), Sinaloa, Mexico.

Mex 3 passes east of Montague Island, (about 60 miles), at the end of the delta and begining of the Sea of Cortez.

Note because of the tidal flow created by Baja California tides are extreme! And some of the highest in the world up to 10 metres (33 ft). The Island is completely inundated. Consideration of tides must be taken in exploring by foot or boat.

On the East side of Mex 3 are sand dunes, (Mile 25 though Mile 125 plus), A natural attraction to those interested in off roading, Note do not go alone there are no services out on the dunes. Take water! One of the biggest challenges for off road racing around this area is unforgiving desert heat!

Rio Hardy Watersports Mile 30
The river Hardy runs just to the East of the highway. Offering fishing, jet ski, water ski, kayaking; An Indian reservation is in the delta as well as camping sites. The entire area hosts good exploring. Mostly undeveloped as the river can flood. km 48.5 Baja Cucapah, Campo Camerinas, Campo Nachos, Campo Felix

Mile 32.5
Campo Sonora km.52, 

Mile 33.5
Exit Km 54 on paved road for Campo Mosqueda, Campo Las Cabanas (just over the bridge), Campo del Prado, and Campo Rio Hardy. Campo Mosqueda (established by Jesus y Romelia Mosqueda map) is the most developed of the group.

Mile 35.0
El Mayor km.56 for Museo Comunitario "Juan Garcia Aldama" de los Cucapa. Several camp sites south alone the rivier and Cucapah Indian sites. Campo Ecologico del Rio Hardy. (km 67)

Mile 42.1
Road to a fish camp to the east.

Mile 46.1
Road to Coyote to the west, west of the highway is Laguuna Salada, (Well know for off roading).

South from here on both sides of the Highway are dunes. If going off road take water and don't go alone! There are no services the biggest challenges for off road racing around this area is unforgiving desert heat!

Mile 55
The Road winds somewhat then straigtens out past more salt flats.

Mile 75
Ahead to the east is a black volcanic hill, El Chinero. It was named for a group of Chinese who were put off a ship by an unscruplous captain near San Felipe. They got this far before dying of thirst.

Mile 88.3
Crucero La Trinidad where Highway 3 joins Highway 5 to San Felipe.  Just south there is normally a gun and drug inspection checkpoint. 

Mile 88.9
Pemex station with diesel and a cafe.

Mile 106.8
Turnoff at km 171 to villas de cortez, 2 miles east with beachfront camping and a pool. 

Mile 109.8
Turnoff at Km. 176 to El Dorado Ranch and RV park with a restaurant, pool, beach club, and resort facilities.

Mile 110.6
Turnoff at Km. 178 to Pete's Camp El Paraiso with a restaurand, a 9 hole desert golf course and sizeable American community.

Mile 111.1
Turnoff at Km. 179 to El Cachanilla RV Park.

Mile 113.8
Turnoff at Km 183 to Playas del Sol Camp with a restaurant.

Mile 118.0
Enter San Felipe at the arches. Motel Villa Los Arcos is on the right.

Mile 118.5
24 hour Pemex station with diesel.

Mile 119.0
Pemex station and intersection with Av. Mar Caribe, the road to the airport, harbor, Hotel Las Misiones, Motel Terranza, Mar del Sol RV park, San Felipe Marina Resort and RV Park, and the paved highway to Punta Estrella, Laguna Percebu and Puertecito.

Mile 119.2
Motel Aragon Hermanos on the left.

Mile 119.4
Motel La Hacienta Red Lobster on the left. Turn right on Av. Mar Baltico for Dona Ramna, Don Jesus, La Posada de Don Jesus, Las Palmas and Riviera hotels.

Mile 119.5
Downtown San Felipe at the intersection of Highway 5 (Catz. chetumal), and Av. Mar de Cortez. Turn right for El Pescador, Chapala, Carmelita's, Costa Azul, El Capitan, Geor's and El Cortez hotels, and the State Tourism Office.