La Paz, Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day

Sept 17th message from baja pirates, As most everyone know the Category 3 Hurricane Odile hit Baja California Sur this week. There has been a great deal of damage from Cabo San Lucas all the way up to Loreto. While La Paz has received a good amount of damage it could have been a lot worse. We lost out dock where our boats are keep, but had no damage to our crafts as we had already removed them from the water and put them in safe keeping. The airport in Cabo had to be closed for a couple days but will be open again on Thursday of this week. It appears that the roads from Cabo to La Paz are drivable and we shouldn't experience too much difficult moving about. There is a lot of wind damage in La Paz so it has taken away some of the beauty of the city, but with time it will be restored.

July, Is the begining of dorado season for La Paz and Tailhunter Fish Report is full of images of Dorado. More images on

June, 2014, (First Week), reports with a variety of wahoo, rooster, dorado, marlin, and sailfish. With the catch of the day being dorado with near limits just inside La Paz Bay. 

May, 2014, (14th), continues to bring a variety of cabrilla, snapper, pargo, jack crevalle, small to large roosterfish and even some late-season sierra. Dorado and wahoo when weather permits longer range fishing.

May, 2014, (7th), La Paz, unusual weather and tidal currents made for more difficult fishing out of La Paz than they are use to. They have a smorgasbord of fish, with people hitting limits of dorado, roosterfish, wahoo, etc.

April, 2014, (15th), Baja Pirates continues to bring in Yellowtail. Rooster Fish, Dorado, and Cabrilla are also available. Tailhunter International via wownews basicly reporting same condictions.

April 5th, 2014, Tortuga sportfishing is bringing in many Dorado, (Mahi Mahi),  with a least some reaching limits for this priced fish. Dorado follow water tempatures which bring them into La Paz typically in May.

March 23-30, is still pulling in mahi mahi and yellowtail

March 29th 2014,  Las Arenas, is also reporting on mahi mahi, yellowtail, and Sightings of Marlins. Not specific on how successful the in-shore fishing from Kayaks currently are. 

Via 3/21/14 - Photo: 11 Yellowtail ranging from 20-45 lbs. Thank you Baja Pirates

March 2-9, 2014, Jonathan Roldan, trip to La Paz, has a wide mix from mahi mahi, to yellowtail and cabrillas

March 9th 2014Tortuga Sportsfishing (Their first report for 2014), is having luck with mahi mahi and wahoo is their catch of the day. The water temperature Tortuga saw were still warm at about 75 degrees and bait is limited.

March, (throughout), Baja Pirates ... yellowtail, (but are not reporting hitting limits), groupers and cabrillas are also being laned. They are reporting that the yellowtail are biting consistantly, As migration and breeding starts the yellowtail will become more hungery. Overall compared to last year same date in La Paz yellowtail are more active, (last year was a very good year for fishing in La Paz).

February, Baja Pirates were also dominated by yellowtail.