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Tides going in and out of the Sea of Cortez result in water temperatures which fish follow,  from La Paz to Loreto bringing with it the fish that are common to La Paz. Here is a first person report of Marlin caught 5 miles out of Loreto. The boat ramp is located just down the road from Hotel Tripui.

You don't need to wait for the seasonal migration of Yellowtail to catch them in Loreto. 

Catch of the Day

July 2014

hoteloasis.com ... fishing-report July 7th, Dorado size was between 20 to 35 lb. Big yellowtail is around Loreto between 25 to 35 lb. Rooster fish is from about 30 to 45 lbs ... some days that there was no sardine at all. The fly fishermen had a hard time. 

June 2014

Bajafisherman.com forums “Dorado limits have been easy, if you count the small dodos that we try to throw back for another week,” Hill said. “The common larger sizes seem to be in the 15- to 20-pound range, with both males and females filling the fish boxes. Normally we see the smaller versions being mostly females and the bigger fish are males. The fish have been moving around from day to day and could show up anywhere.”

Yellowtail are still being caught, and “Billfish are being spotted every day.

May 2014

Dorado are now showing up in Loreto waters. wonews.com  quotes Rick Hill of Loreto Sea and Land Eco Tours ... “Every day they were seen boiling and smashing through the schools of 3-inch sardines." Thresher sharks and sailfish are also being landed. Acres of bait schools are in the waters. Yellows are giving way to a larger variety of fish.

Largest weight from the great Yellowtail tournament was 41 lbs. Hat Tip bajabigfish.com

The Great Loreto Yellowtail Tournament


The Great Loreto Yellowtail Tournament is a yearly bilingual world-class inshore fishing competition held yearly in April.

The dates set for 2014 are APRIL 24, through APRIL 26.

$10,000 is given away in prizes during the event.


Early April, 2014, Yellowtail - Via First person bajafisherman.com ... forums two anglers and four yellowtail up to 34 lbs. Loreto BCS Eco Tours provided the panga, they don't publish fleet fish counts. 2nd hand from Arturo’s Sportfishing via bajafisherman.com ... forums 22 miles from Loreto (La Vaca and Punta Lobos) has been consistantly hitting limits of Yellowtail, five fish, between 30 and 44 pounds. Windy condictions may be reducing fishing pressure that far out.

March 19, 2014. Yellowtail - Via wonews.com - Orca whales arrived near the Carmen and Catalan Islands, which was the hot spot for yellows; Anglers headed south to find a new hot spot ... Limits are being reached by 10 a.m.

jdsbiggame.com has posted information regarding El Nino predictions as well as NOAA water temp maps for March 13th, 2013

and March 13th, 2014

The Ideal water temp for Yellowtail are shown in green and yellow, with blue and orange within their preferred range, and migration being in progress in the orange shades. Temperatures change daily but this map shows Loreto water temps between 70-73 degrees.

March 8, 2014 - Yellowtail - Via Bajafish.com "The yellowtail are feeding at and near the surface as well as up the water column, off Punta Tintorerra, Punta Lobos and Punta La Cholla (Northern points of Isla Carmen)." This near the surface report with limits being hit by noon is a solid indication that the Yellowtail are eager to begin migrating which provides the best yellowtail fishing.

Feb 28, 2014 - Yellowtail - Via wonews.com interview with Rick Hill of Loreto Sea and Land Eco Tours reports Yellowtails to the south. Also reporting the   seas are loaded with whales and schools of dolphins, who are also after the yellowtails.