Ensenada 2014 Off Roading

Ensenada can be called the home of baja off road racing. The Baja 500 and Baja 1000 off road races start in Ensenada with the Baja 1000 starting and ending every other year in Ensenada. In 2014 the NORRA Mexican 1000 will be starting in Ensenada on May 10th, called the "Happiest Race on Earth." Record  Off road series of four races takes place in, from or to Ensenada.

2014 Off Road Racing Events, Ensenada

 Ensenada to Cabo
 Ensenada to Ensenada
 Ensenada - San Felipe
 Ensenada - La Paz


 2013 Events

 Baja California Loop

The Baja 1000 offroad race brings people from all over the world. This years race will be a loop race staring in Ensenada, crossing baja through mountanous passes through Laguna Salada near Mexicali, turning south pasting San Felipe, Puertecitos, San Luis Gonzaga, Coco's Corner, till it turns west after passing Calamajue. After hitting the West coast it turns north on a mostly coastal course till it turns toward the center of Baja heading north. Inland from San Quintin it turns again to the west coast passing Calamalu as it heads towards Arroyo Colonet. Passes Mike's Sky Ranch then turns toward Ensenada, passing Valle de Trinidad, El Alamo and Ojos Negros alone the way.

The Baja 1000 is an event of the year for off road enthusiast and racers. Brings unlimited trophy truck competitors sponsored by big brands as well as class 11, VW competitors and motorcycle competitors.

Record off road Races

Record off road has two races yearly from Ensenada to San Felipe.

  •  Ensenada / San Felipe, Ensenada, Baja California.

Off Road tourist can find places like Las Canadas Camping site with scenic off road trails

Tourists can visit the dunes at El Farro Beach south of town. Many of the Hotels offer tours for ATV to the dunes, into the mountains trails (make sure you have enough gas for a round trip), and to and around the wine country; check with them for maps. Note outside the dunes are spaces where creatures live those are to be avoided.

The courses of the off road races can also be toured with ATVs or Motorcycles.

For off road vehicles to drive on streets then need to be street legal and insured. When vehicles are being towed or carried on trailer they need to be insured.

2013 Score Baja 500 starts May 31st, 2013. The 500 mile off road race will have 100s of racers, and is one of the world's best know races; Score International off road races have even inspired video games.