Ensenada Sport Fishing - Today's Catch

Ensenada has been called the “Yellowtail Capital of the World." Yellowtail can be found migrating north alone Ensenada in the spring, and south in the fall. The Islands outside of Ensenada are well known haunts for yellowtail home guards and breeding grounds. 

In the summer months other migrational fish swim northward against the current, tuna, mahi mahi, barracuda migration cycles all pass Ensenada. Virtually all species of fish that can be found in the summer months in Southern California make Baja their home during the Winter.

The beginning of migration, which is typically related to breeding, results in schools of hungry fish making it easy for sports fishermen to hit Mexico's 10 fish limit for large game fish.

Today's Catch ...

July 4th, 2014 saw limits of tuna and yellowtail for numerous boats ... wonews.com

June 22nd, 2014, Barracuda are still being reported in triple digits, and yellowfin tuna are now also being reported via sergiosfishing.com Yellowtail are still present but more interest is given to tuna. Red Snapper, and cod fish are consistant.

June 7-8th, 2014, Barracuda was the most common fish caught on Serigo's Sportfishing Fleet 211 on Saturday and 141 on Sunday, which is the catch of the day for most reporting sport fishing boats on ensenada.com into the month of June to date. Not many reports of Yellowtail out of Ensenada but yellowtail are being caught both to the north out of San Diego and south out of San Quintin.

Memorial Day Yellowtail have been fairly consistant via ensenadafishreports.com. And sergiosfishing.com/ ran into 20 barracuda on the 24th. More yellowtail reported on bigwatersedge.com

May begins with daily catch being lingcod and rockcod with yellowtail on most trips ensenada.com...fish-reports. Into the first week of may  sergiosfishing.com has daily catchs of yellowtail and barracuda, with some days being mostly yellowtail. Wownews has more reports of yellowtail.

April 6th, 2014, Yellowtail are the daily catch, 4 anglers on No Limitz I landed 18 yellowtail, and 8 lingcod. April 4th saw more rockfish than yellowtail. All boats listed on www.ensenada.com have reported yellowtail on every trip, with increasing frequency.

Mar 31st, 2014,  The yellowtail daily caught between seems to consistantly be one and three per boat at the island and San Miguel Reef and Ensenada harbor is a possiblity. via aggregated reports on bajafisherman.com

Mar 17th, 2014, Ling Cod - No Limitz l is back with fish reports. their catch was Ling Cod, Its 4 Reels may have had better luck for yellowtails, (Unofficial report).

Mar 9th-11th, 2014, Yellowtail - Its 4 Reels, constitantly hitting yellowtail, with yellowtail chasing jigs right to the boat. Good Yellowtail Fishing in the Bay

Mar 7th 2014 - Yellowtail - Charter Masters out of Ensenada via Allcoast.com is reporting on that the Yellowtail bite is wide open. But without the specifics of where. The 2-28-2014 winter storm in Southern California made its way all the way to Ensenada, storms can effect the water temps for the good or bad.

Feb 26th 2014 - Yellowtail - its4reels.com based out of Ensenada fish reports indicates the "Yellowtail bite takes off" this year near the end of February. With Yellowtail through out the Bahia Todos Santos. This is the first solid report of Yellowtail, which are not haunting the Islands and are heading inshore.