Ensenada Fish Market

The Mercado de Mariscos in Ensenada

located on the waterfront, half way between the Flag Plaza (Ventana Del Mar) and the Port Captain's office. The entrance to the Fish Market itself tells this "story"

In 1958, a group of people from Ensenada got together with the idea of creating a fish market. After its opening, it has been changing, little by little, until reaching what is now the great Mercado de Marisco Fish Market of Ensenada, a tradition in this port, the northeast side of the country as well as in the southwest of North American. Since we opened through the year thousands of visitors, nationals and foreigners have been with us because we are a tradition, specialists in having and preparing the best seafood of the day.


It is Baja's largest seafood market. The market's open air stalls sell the fresh catches from the fishing boats that dock nearby. Some of the restaurants in the area will prepare the fish you purchased at the market for you.