Agua Caliente Beach

Ensenada's Agua Caliente (Hot Water) - Beach Springs

Within hours either side of low tide, it is possible to dig into the beach sand allowing hot water to escape to the surface forming a natural hot water jacuzzi. The hot water filters up filling the jacuzzi.  These natural springs can be found on the beach. Visitors can dig large holes and relax and soak in the thermal water.

What makes it possible for hot, fresh water springs to co-exist with the cold, salty ocean water, is that this region rests on fault lines. Fissures in the earth provide a direct route for magma-heated water to rise to quickly the surface. As it reaches the top of the sand, the fresh water mingles with salt water, dissipating its heat, but if you dig your finger in even an inch, you may find the hot water to hot to touch -- as you dig, the hot water should cool down to provide you with a comfortable, heated jacuzzi.  After building your castle and jacuzzi in the sand you will be able to enjoy  your well-earned natural soak, complete with an ocean view.

The dangers of your hot water pool is that large waves with cold water can flood your pool and wash into your cold soda.

Finding the Agua Caliente may be a little tricky to locate the first time but once you know what to look for, it’s easy. To get there, grab a shovel and follow the main road (Carretera La Bufadora) to La Jolla Beach Camp. Turn right and go straight to the parking area. Once on the beach, look for the spots that appear wetter than the surrounding sand at low tide.  There may even be steam rising. You’ll know for sure you’re in the right place when you touch the sand and find it warm. Then all you have to do is dig!