Mex 1 - Ensenada to San Quintin

Scenic Views

Daytime driving recommended


Ensenada to San Quintin

(112 Miles, 179 km, 2:30 hours @ 45 MPH)

The road has been upgraded to a 4 lane highway with ramps going all the way down to near the entrance of Santo Tomas, (the completion date to Santo Tomas for the 4 lane highway is 2015), after Santo Tomas in sections it is a two lane highway with interestions, curves, and conditions that require people to reduce typical speed.

Mile 0.0 Av. Sangines and Highway 1 (also known as Av Reforma). Pemex station and Supermarket are on the corners.

Mile 1.2 Turnoff on Av Las Palmos to Playa Hermosa for La Cueva de los Tigres Restaurant. Costa Mar and Joya Mar Motels, and the clubhouse of Companerous de Baja Norte. A social and service club comprised of local Americans and Mexicans.

Mile 1.8 Calimex Supermarket and General Hospital.

Mile 2.8 Pemex station

Mile 3.5 El Cipres Military camp. Hospital. Joker Hotel and RV Park, and Airport.

Mile 4.7 Turn off west on Calz. Morelos, the paved road to Estero Beach Resort & RV park.
Be sure to visit the Estero Beach Museum with its outstanding exhibition of folk art entitled "40 Centuries of Mexican Culture." also use this turnoff for Blue Dolphin Resort, Ku Ku, Bugambilias and Monalisa motels, and for Corona Beach and El Faro Beach RV parks. And Don Bosco Ciudad de los Ninos, (a home for boys whose single-parent families can not properly care for them), They accept donations of used clothing, toys, linens, and kitchenware.

Mile 6.8 Turnoff to the east for Baja Country Club, a championship golf course open to the public.

Mile 8.2 Pemex station after entering Maneadero, a thriving farming community in the fertile valley.

Mile 8.3 Pemex with diesel.

Mile 8.4 Junction with BCN 23 to Punta Banda and La Bufadora. Highway 1 continues through Maneadero, which offers cafes, shops, bakeries, motels, auto repair services, Gasoline and Diesel.

Mile 14.5 The community of El Zorillo with Balneario Las Canada, a waterpark with pools, a water slide, picnic area and campgrounds at Km 31.5.

Mile 20.6 Graded road to Ejido Uruapan. A village with a few markets, stores cafes and natural hot springs. Near the highway is an attractive recreation area with BBQs and tables, set in a shady grove of oak trees (small fee for picnicking). Follow the road 2 miles to the sulfur hot springs with ten private tubs (small fee) and mud baths nearby. Overnight tent camping is permitted.

Mile 23.8 A fine view of Santo Tomas Valley, famed for its vineyards which still contain some of the oldest living grape vines in Mexico from the Dominican Mission era. In 1888 Bodegas de Santo Tomas was established as a commercial winery  in this valley. Wine was hauled by horse-drawn wagon to the port of Ensenada. In the mid 1930s the winery was relocated to central Ensenada, where daily tours are available. In 1997  Bodegas de Santo Tomas built a new winery on the original site in Santo Tomas Valley; tours of the facility are by appointment only for groups of 10 or more.

Mile 24.6 Turnoff on graded dirt road to La Bocana (26km.) and Puerto Santo Tomas featured in Jack Smith's book, "God and Mr. Gomes." The scenic 16 mile drive takes about 55 minutes and offers rewarding views of the rocky Pacific coast, (OK for sturdy passenger cars). Scenic Roads

Mile 24.7 Entrance to Santo Tomas Winery on the east side of the highway.

Mile 26.0 Entrance to El Palomar Waterpark with a water slide, pool, lake with pedal boats and picnic area.

Mile 26.5 Enter the town of Santo Tomas with topes (speed bumps), grocery stores, auto repair services, Gasoline and El Palomar Restaurant/Motel/RV Park. Official tourist information and assistance is available. The picnic grounds shaded with BBQs and tables also have swimming pools are a great place to spend an afternoon (small fee). The adobe ruins of Mision de Santo Tomas de Aquino, founded by Dominican Padre Jose Loriente in 1794 are accessible through the Palomar Grounds.

Mile 43 Turnoff to Ejido Erendira and Puerto San Isidro on the Pacific. The 12 mile paved road to Ejido Erendira, is paved all the way to the ocean. Ejido Erendira is a fishing and farming town with artichoke fields, a few small stores, restaurants and Motel Erendira. Continue north to Castro's Fish place in Puerto San Isidro and Coyote Cal's Hostel on Punta San Isidro, a 4WD is recommended past Punta Cabras.

There is a big speed bump just after kilometer 16 coming into Erendira, most locals stop and drive around it. There are a total of 8 speed bumps.

To reach Malibu Beach Sur RV Park, take the signed dirt road neat the center of town that leads South. Both north and south of Puerto San Isidro, there are several good surfing spots and many inlets with sandy beaches. Primitive camping is permitted.

Mile 49.2 Turnoff to the protected adobe ruins of Mision San Vicente Ferrer, founded by the Dominicans in 1780. The 3/4 mile dirt road is OK for sturdy passenger vehicles.

Mile 49.9 San Vicente, a farming town with stores, cafes, modest motels, auto repair facilities and a Pemex with diesel. The Community Museum, located in the center of town near the plaza, features local Indian and mission artifacts, interesting antiques and mementos from area ranchers.

Mile 69.9 Hotel Sonora on the west side of the highway.

Mile 72.3 "Bradley's" gas station with an old glass reservoir pump.

Mile 72.4 Turnoff west on a graded dirt road to the Pacific beach of San Antonio del Mar (13 km) Ok for passenger cars.

Mile 72.5 Enter Colonet, a farming community with cafes, a few stores and a llantera.

Mile 74.5 Turnoff to Cabo Colonet, site of a fishing camp.

Mile 79.9 Pemex station with diesel.

Mile 81.0 Junction at San Telmo de abajo with dirt road southeast to Meling Ranch (32 miles), Los Manzano Resort (50 miles), and the National Observatory in Sierra de San Pedro Martir National Park (a 60 mile, 3 hour drive). Situated northwest of the peninsula's highest peak, Picacho del Diablo, which rises over 10,000 feet,the observatory is open daily to visitors during daylight hours (except Dec 1th thru Jan. 15) and is located at the end of the park access road. For more information contact the Observatorio Astronomico Nacional in Ensenada.

Because there are no facilities with the park, vehicles should be in good mechanical condition with a full tank of gas. No Motorcycles or quads are permitted in Sierra de San Pedro Martir National Park. Visitors must camp in designated areas and bring their own water, food, blankets, compass, etc. Hunting or collecting flora of fauna is prohibited. Except during snowfall, the road is usually OK for sturdy passenger cars.

Mile 86.6 Graded road at km 150 leading to Parador Turistico Punta de San Jacinto Campgrounds and Baja Surf Adventures (3.5 Miles) with a picturesque freighter ship wrecked near shore. OK for passenger cars.

Mile 91.0 Camalu, with restaurants, stores, medical services and Pemex with diesel near the traffic light on Mex 1.

Turn right toward the beach from the traffic light for Pirate's Cove Hotel and restuarant, the owners also run a fish factory, which supplies towns north and south as well as the US with fish. Fishermen will take sport fishermen out on their pandas to go fishing. Lee Moreno is the most recommended by fishermen, no website, but well known in town.

Mile 97.5 Baja Cafe with rest stop and RV camping on east side of highway.

Mile 98.0 Turnoff east before the bridge at km 171 in Poblado Chula Vista (unsigned from north) to the protected adobe ruins of Mision Santo Domingo, dedicated in 1775 by Dominican padres Manual Garcia and Miguel Hidalgo. Annual fiestas honoring Santo Domingo, the patron saint, are held in early August. The scenic 4.5 mile dirt road, suitable for passenger cars, winds past farms, low hills and mountain streams, but hairpin turns could be difficult for large RVs. La Mision Rancho Montes Campgrounds are within walking distance of the Mission site.

Mile 99.9 Enter Colonia Vicente Guerrero, a rapidly growning agricultural commuity with motels, RV parks, cafes, shops, a hospital and Pemex with diesel. Hogar Para Ninos, an orphanage associated with Foundation For His Ministry in Arleta, California, welcomes donations of food, clothing and medicines. To reach the orphanage, turn east at the stop light near the bank and follow the dirt road one mile.

Casa Hogar Bienvenidos is an interdenominational facility for neglected children that also welcomes donations. To reach Welcome Home Orphanage, turn west at the stop light, proceed several blocks, turn south for one block, then turn west.

Mile 101.1 LP Gas and road to Meson de Don Pepe and Posada Don Diego RV parks.

Mile 104.0 San Quintin State Secretary of Turism Office with rest stop, restrooms, emergency assistance and tourist information at km 178.3

Mile 111.1 24 hour Pemex station with diesel on the left; Motel Uruapan on the right.

Mile 111.6 On the left, Mueblera La Cuatita Popular and road to Motel Los Cirios.

Mile 111.9 Cross Puente San Quintin bridge just after motels Maria Celest and Chavez.