Diving and snorkeling out of Loreto

The 800 square-mile Loreto's National Marine Park is a divers' paradise!. It is the home to over 1,000 species of fish, as well as dolphins, whales, sea lions, sea turtles, squid, hammerhead and whale sharks; With more than 100 miles of coastline. sites for all levels of snorkelors and divers. Because of the number of sites a single web page can barely scratch the surface of what is available.

Loreto diving is characterized by some of the best island diving found in the Sea of Cortez, With 300 sunny days a year, clear waters with visibility ranges from 30 to 60 feet in colder months and 50 to 120 feet in warmer months, The islands, volcanic in nature, have rocky shore lins and dynamic sheer walls and huge underwater rock structures, with finger reefs of rock and coral. The waters are diverse in the varieties of species and full of life.

The Islands provide dozens of shoreline locations for anchorage and accompanying dive sites. Memerable places shallow enough for snorkelers who are willing to take a boat ride include Puerto Don Juan, Isla Del Carmen, Isla Danzante and Nopolo Beach. However, do not underestimate the fun that can be had snorkeling off the Malecon sea wall blocks from hotels near the center of the city! Take an underwater camera if you have one.

Snorkeling in Loreto

Carmen Island

8 Miles offshore a 125-foot-long fishing boat wreck sits in about 30'of water, just within reach of snorkelers. The Island has been a source of salt since it was first put into operation in the 1700s.

World War II Minesweeper

Was sunk as an artificial reef about 1.5 miles south of Puerto Escondido. It lies about a half-mile offshore about 30' below the service. Portions of the vessel are 70 feet below the surface.

Las Galeras

The rocky outcroppings have steep walls, the characteristic of many of the great dive sites out of Loreto, with boulders and large tabletop slabs of underwater rocks. Nearer to the rocks is good snorkeling, but beyond the water drops rapidly to depths near 100 feet with finger reefs along the bottom providing excellent diving and photography.

Punta Coyote

Profession divers are drawn to the deepwater dropoff to approximately 115 feet at Punta Coyote, just outside of Excondidto Bay. Sea fans and gorgonians are a highlight of the area as well as the colorful reef fish that inhabit the crevices.

Los Candelleros

An attraction for both fishing and diving, characterized by sheer vertical faces dropping to depths close to 200 feet. Deep crevices and lots of structual cover below the surface create a haven for fish of all sizes and types. Located about 6 Miles southwest of Puerto Escondido.

Santa Inez

This small group of rocky islets hosts a large California sea lion colony. The northern diving and snorkelers sites allow close-up interactions with these and other creatures, in relatively shallow waters. A patient photographer has stunning opportunities to photograph sea lions, schools of anchovies and the interactions of sea lions in their natural enviroment. Opportunities to photograph the quirosity and playfulness of these creatures are endless.