Baja Tuna (July Update)

Fish Reports

July 2014,

July 12th, via Tuna are in Southern California waters, numerous photos, however without knowing how many fish and how many boats its not possible to say how easy or hard it is to catch the tuna.

Ensenada, First trip 7-2-14, out ensenada by, (Full Day to the Outerbanks) with two boats and six anglers landed 21 Bluefin Tuna. tecateando at (a boat owners forum) reports, "The tuna bite out of Ensenada has been ridiculous for the last week [of June]" ... my girls put 7 yellowfin + 2 30 something bluefin on ice in an hour.

East Cape and Cabos, Many images of Tuna on

June 2014,

San Quintin to Ensenada, bluefin and yellowfin tuna. noted the currents which could of marked their arrival. Their arrival was spotted in San Quintin,  on June 16th in abundance. Daily fish counts from boats that originate out of Ensenada have yellowfin tuna this week. Expect the reports for the 3rd week of June to be posted shortly.

Out of San Diego reports are typically radioed in ... Fisherman's Landing has landed Yellowfin Tuna on longer trips. 

Cabo San Lucas also has reports of yellowfin tuna, first person via twelve yellow fin tuna

May 19th 2014,

(East Cape) via ;"Season heats up with tuna and some blues"

Waters have heated up to 80-degree mark, and with the warmer waters over the past week more of the larger variety of game fish have began to show up. Tuna between 100 and 200 lbs as well as Billfish, people targeting marlin are landing them.