2014 Tecate Score - Baja 500



Live Info

The Baja 500!

2014 Baja 500 June 6th - 8th.

The Baja 500 will bring teams from around the world, and hundreds of thousands of spectators.

Teams to Watch!

Energy drinks, Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar, and Speed Energy, have trophy truck teams with veteran drivers who have in recent years pulled out the stops to win the Score International Series. The trophy truck class are unlimited vehicles and they are pushing 800 horse power! Yet still they are not guaranteed to win Baja's terrain and finish the race. You get points for finishing but are not eliminated from the possibility to win the world title.

The "Herby" VW bug may have been the inspiration for class 11 off road vehicles. With limited horse power they can not recover speed as rapidly on every turn. They also need to pro-actively respond to all of the bumps. Yet the scoring system does not prevent a class 11 from getting the world championship off road title, as they get points for winning in their class throughout the series.

The race is also enjoyed by many world class motorcycle teams.