2014 Lobster festival in Puerto Nuevo

Lobster season starts in October and continues to March; And, the beginning of the season is when Puerto Nuevo puts on its Lobster Festival. Those who love the best lobster should mark down the date and time for the event.

The Pueto Nuevo festival starts October 13, 2014 at from 1:00 to 6:00 P.M..

Loster Season starts in October and ends the last day of Feburary. The majority of Lobsters are shipped to Asian markets. But the Season fills resturants up and down the coast with fresh lobsters.

Everybody will enjoy live music, raffles, and entertainment for adults and children as well. 

Puerto Nuevo style lobster has been one of the dishes that has placed Baja California on the international food scene as unique, because Baja mixes its natural abundance of fresh sea food with Mexican seasoning.

Where LA says of Puerto Nuevo  "Just south of Rosarito is the small town of Puerto Nuevo, famed for its delectably prepared lobster, and Baja Studios, a movie theme park and studio where parts of Titanic and Pearl Harbor were filmed."

LA Weekly ... "Anthony Bourdain's Baja Episode of No Reservations Will Make You Want to Cross the Border Immediately"

The event is both a family event  or, a romatic event depending on where you pick for food and or stay (hotels in Rosarito). Las Rocas Hotel and Spa is nearby, (a romatic setting where many choose to get married).

Wine is normally served at the festivals, which would likely be produced in Valle de Guadalupe another potential romantic destination.