Cataviña is a very scenic, and memorable location; Being a outcrop of civilization while making the desert crossing between El Rosario on the west coast into the middle of a desert portion Baja California; And, Marked by more than a sign. The Pemex station is not in operation, but gasoline is sold there by private vendors.

This area of Baja California is marked by a desert garden of unusual rock formations; Fresh water in the canyons provides for the palms and other vegetation growing in the region; Indian cave painting can be found near the most northern arroyo. Hiking and exploring should be done during the cooler months of the year as it can get extremely hot in the summer.

Hotel La Pinta, on the Southbound side of the highway is a good place to take a break and refresh. Across the way from the hotel, is a very good place to eat and is less expensive.  If you do stop at the Hotel La Pinta, take a look at their decorative garden behind the restaurant area...very nice.  There is a store on the Northbound side of highway for refreshments.