Baja 2014

Baja highways and driving conditions

Mex 5 is now fully paved to Gonzaga Bay and construction is underway to complete the connection from Mex 5 south to Mex 1.

More road conditions and road logs.

Odile Relief

Relief supplies are headed South of Guerrero Negro. Traffic is currently flowing in both directions without too much trouble to Guerrero Negro. Gasoline is available in El Rosario and with some limited availability in Guerrero Negro. Supplies of fuel there are in great regional demand and expect possible long lines. Many groups are responding to the need for relief.

Club Dust, has a history of building homes for the needy in Baja. Bisbee and Club Dust will be working togeather: “We’ve developed a two-prong approach that will really make a difference. In partnership with Club Dust (Club Dust on FaceBook) volunteers will arrive as soon as the airport reopens and start assessing the situation to provide critical shelter, from tent cities to rebuilding homes,” Bisbee adds. “This group has a lot of experience in poverty relief efforts and our donation will help kick-start this critical need. Individual angler donations will enhance those capabilities and allow us to serve even more families.”


Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna In Baja

The yellowtail migration hit Southern California waters around Memorial day; The situation now is yellowtail have been found in a lot of places in Southern California. The bluefin and yellowfin tuna migration is now in San Quintin, Baja California. Yellowfin tune in range from Southern California Waters ... Oceanside 95 Report. hat tip

Tecateando first person report, "The tuna bite out of Ensenada has been ridiculous for the last week [of June]" ... "my girls put 7 yellowfin + 2 30 something bluefin on ice in an hour."

Now going into the first half of July Mahi Mahi apear to be the next wave of fish making their way towards Southern California. Mahi Mahi is Hawaiian for good good fish, also known by the name dorado or dolphin fish, however they are not related to dolphins and tourists don't like that name used for fishing. Yellowtail are still in southern California waters but Tuna and now Dorado get more attention.




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